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Basketball Rumors





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NBA Rumors for Monday, July 27

InsideHoops NBA rumors updated 7:00 a.m. ET. More stories and other news also appears on the InsideHoops basketball blog.

nba rumors It appears that one Trail Blazers player will participate in an August minicamp for USA Basketball. But it won't be Damian Lillard. According to ESPN, center Mason Plumlee has been invited to participate in a three-day minicamp for the US National Team that will take place next month in Las Vegas. It will be the second consecutive summer that Mason, who played on Team USA in the 2014 FIBA World Cup in Spain, will don red, white and blue. Oregonian

Meanwhile, it appears that Lillard, the Blazers' All-Star point guard, will not participate in next month's minicamp. During a Saturday night appearance on CBS Radio, Lillard told host Jody Mac he would "probably not" play. "I did it the last few summers and last summer I didn't make it," Lillard said, when Mac asked why he wouldn't participate. "I don't know why I would go. After I got cut last summer, I don't think I'm a part of it." Oregonian

nba rumors The Cleveland Cavaliers executed a cash-dump deal on Sunday night, shipping Brendan Haywood and Mike Miller into Portland's cap space and getting a trade exception in return. Oklahoman

In return, Cleveland will get a $10.5 million trade exception and a $2.85 trade exception. The exceptions expire a year from now. They also sent out their 2019 second round pick and 2020 second round pick as part of the package. The Cavaliers had a deadline of Aug. 1 to trade or release Haywood before his salary for the 2015-16 season became guaranteed. Portland will waive Haywood before the guaranteed deadline.

The Blazers will receive two second rounders from the Cleveland Cavaliers, according to Jason Lloyd of the Akron Beacon Journal. Portland will get the more favorable second round pick in 2019 and will also get Cleveland's second rounder in 2020. This deal was an asset-grab for the Blazers, adding a couple more second rounders to their war chest. Columbian

Haywood has a non-guaranteed $10.5 million contract and Miller has a guaranteed $2.8 million deal in place. Columbian

Haywood and his non-guaranteed $10.5 million contract will assuredly be cut in the coming days. Miller's $2.85 million salary, while guaranteed, is also expected to be bought out. Oklahoman

If that comes to fruition, the Thunder serve as an intriguing landing spot for Miller, an aging but highly respected veteran sharpshooter who has flirted with Oklahoma City in the past. Oklahoman

A trade of Steve Novak -- basically a Mike Miller lite -- could free up a place and would even save money (Novak is making $3.5 million next season and Miller will presumably get the veteran's minimum on his next deal). But that would require another team to take on Novak's contract. Oklahoman

The Blazers will likely cut Haywood and could eventually work a buyout with Miller and will receive two future second-round picks from the Cavs for facilitating the deal with their cap space. The Cavs will create two trade exceptions with the move, one for $10.5 million, which will be the largest active trade exception in the league, and the other for $2.94 million. The Cavs will also receive cash in the deal, sources said.

The Cavs' trading of Miller was motivated by luxury-tax savings. Depending on where their final payroll lands, the Cavs could have saved roughly $10 million in salary and tax by offloading Miller, who received a trade kicker payout of $430,000 as part of the transaction, in addition to his $3 million salary.

nba rumors For many in Miami, it was difficult to watch Shabazz Napier play basketball for the Heat and not think of LeBron James. That wonít be a problem anymore. In an effort to clean up its offseason roster, the Heat traded Napier to the Orlando Magic on Sunday for almost nothing in return save closure. Miami Herald

In addition to being a constant reminder of how James disrupted the Heatís 2014 offseason, Napier just wasnít very good his rookie season. His transition from college to the NBA, both mentally and physically, wasnít a smooth one last season, and that process was slowed further by an injury. Still mostly unproven after season-ending surgery for sports hernia, Napier now moves a few hours up Floridaís Turnpike to play for a team that mostly rebuilds through the draft. Miami Herald

The team has been working behind the scenes for several weeks to shed contracts, but trading Napier for virtually nothing in return is the first evidence of the Heatís cost-cutting measures. Napierís contract for next season was worth $1.35 million. Miami Herald

On Saturday, the Heat will be locked into paying a portion of next seasonís contracts for Henry Walker, Tyler Johnson and James Ennis. With the Heatís roster currently at 16 players ó or one over the limit ó one or more of those players could be cut. Miami Herald

nba rumors Noted basketball analytics pioneer Dean Oliver will not return to the Sacramento Kings. Oliver was hired as director of player personnel and head of analytics last October, having worked with former general manager Pete DíAlessandro in Denver. DíAlessandro likened adding Oliver to signing a big free agent to the roster. Sacramento Bee Blog

Divac has offered former Kings All-Star Peja Stojakovic a front-office job. Heís expected to continue to revamp the front office after players lost faith and confidence in management last season that began when coach Michael Malone was fired. Sacramento Bee Blog

Despite still recovering from shoulder surgery, the Cavaliersí Kevin Love will attend next monthís USA Basketball minicamp in Las Vegas, ESPN.comís Marc Stein reported. Love, who missed most of the Cavaliersí run to the NBA Finals last season, said he expects to be ready for the start of the 2015-2016 season, but is not expected to participate in the minicamp, according to the report. News Herald

FC Barcelona Lassa found a new point guard in Carlos Arroyo, who inked a one-year deal with his new team on Friday. Arroyo (1.88 meters, 35 years old) has played for Galatasaray Liv Hospital Istanbul in the last three seasons. He averaged 12.5 points and 4.3 assists in 15 Turkish Airlines Euroleague games last season. Arroyo went on to play for Cangrejeros de Santurce, averaging 14.7 points and 6.5 assists in 39 Puerto Rican League games, leading his team to the finals.


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