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nba basketball news rumors

STREETBALL [HOME] Aug 13, 2003

Bone Collector Interview




Larry Williams, known in the streetball world as Bone Collector, is a 5-11 point guard with incredible moves and amazing ball-handling ability. Bone Collector puts on a show almost every time he steps out on the court. He's one of the most popular streetballers on that planet. caught up with him during the EBC playoffs at Rucker Park and conducted this exclusive interview. We'll leave it to you to figure out which of his comments are totally straightforward and which are on the creative side. Where did you grow up?

Bone Collector: I grew up in California. In Pasadena, California. But I was born in Texas. How old were you when you first started playing?

Bone Collector: Oh, man, I can't even remember. I was a little kid. I was about 10 years old. Who did you play with most of the time back then?

Bone Collector: Mostly with my dad, you know. He kept me on point. At what point did you start to get better than the average kid your age?

Bone Collector: I think like, probably like when I was like 15, I was already ready for the pros, already. At 15.

Bone Collector: Yeah, I was ready for the NBA already. High school ball...

Bone Collector: I didn't play no high school ball or nothing. How old are you now?

Bone Collector: I'm 22 now. What were you up to after high school?

Bone Collector: I went to JuCo (junior college) for a year, in California, then I came out to New York to the Rucker. So what's up during the year, how are you making your living?

Bone Collector: Oh, I've just been... street basketball is treating me real good right now. Like I'm the king right now. So after this summer, what will you be doing during the upcoming year?

Bone Collector: I'll just be working out, getting ready for next summer. And I'm trying to get some looks for overseas and some NBA camps and all that. Have you considered overseas, going after that strongly?

Bone Collector: Yeah, actually, I went overseas to a camp already. I decided to... I signed a contract with Reebok, so I decided to just stay here and work on the streetball stuff. And where did your moves come from?

Bone Collector: Just practice, every day. Practice without the ball, with the ball, whatever. And did you make moves up more while by yourself or mostly while playing against other people?

Bone Collector: I tried it by myself, actually with a tennis ball first. And then when it got to the people it was real easy, it was nothing. How many moves do you have now?

Bone Collector: I'd say about... (long, thoughtful pause) five million moves. Maybe four million nine hundred thousand?

Bone Collector: Yeah, something like that. Bill Gates amount. Who are your favorite NBA players to watch?

Bone Collector: Tracy McGrady, A.I. (Allen Iverson)... I like everybody. Everybody exciting. Not as exciting as me, but they're exciting. What ever happened with the challenge you made to Allen Iverson, for one-on-one?

Bone Collector: I challenged him in Philly, but he didn't play. He left. He came at halftime, and he left. He seen what I was doing and he left. And around here, who are the best players?

Bone Collector: Skip to my Lou and these guys. They were here before me, so you know, I come out here, I took over here now, though. It's me now. How much have you watched the mixtapes?

Bone Collector: I didn't really watch them that much, naw. Not even the very first one when Skip was like 12 years old?

Bone Collector: No, I didn't watch that at all. I wasn't really into it like that. But I knew I was better than them so I had no reason to watch it. How much trash-talking do you do on the court?

Bone Collector: Oh, I don't talk at all. My game speaks for itself, hands down. And how about other players?

Bone Collector: Oh yeah, they talk a lot of trash to me. Like today I came here, everybody stood up and was screaming, and Skip and Stephon (Marbury), they was all talking like, "yo, we've been waiting for you..." Do you remember anything exactly that was said?

Bone Collector: They was just like, "We're going to let you shoot the ball, we're not going to guard you." As for the actual crowd and all the fans, how does it feel to come out here and do your thing and get all the love that you get?

Bone Collector: Oh, it's all love, it's like I did when I was little, anybody I seen doing what I wanted to do, I showed them love. So the next step for you is...

Bone Collector: NBA, Europe, right now I'm under this Reebok contract, so I'm pretty much letting that play on out, but you know, I keep my options open, I got camps to go to, I'm on my way. I'm focused.

nba basketball news rumors

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