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InsideHoops [Fantasy Basketball] Jan. 23, 2004

Fantasy Basketball Answers




The Answerman is the first and only basketball and romance advice columnist on the net. He's here at to answer all your fantasy questions (or at least the interesting ones).

Today we'll help another lucky reader with one of my world-renown makeovers. Before we start, some myth v. fact on television makeovers for men.

Myth: Men need to wear scented creams and lotions. A woman's favorite scent on a man is called "clean". Just take a good shower, use deoderant and you're all set. Save the fru-fru scents for the women.

Fact: Men's skin should be a little rough. Women expect and respect it. However, women want soft smooth lips. So use Chap Stick. Put it on at work, on the train, in the car -- whenever you don't intend to use your lips for an extended period. The rough hands make them think you are stong to protect them, and the soft lips make them think you heart is soft enough to love them.

On to basketball...

Matt writes:

I love your site and especially the fantasy bball section, but I fear I may have gone overboard in trying to create a team loaded with sleepers and instead have a team that stinks. What do you think I could do with this lineup?

PG- Steve Francis, Mike James
SG- D Wayde, V Lenard, J Johnson
SF- C Anthony, M Harpring, C Maggette
PF- Kenny Thomas, Kurt Thomas (I love that I can use him as a PF)
C- Yao, Rad Nes, E Dampier

OK Matt,

The BIGGEST problem with your team is that it's all scoring and very little else. Scoring is the toughest category to consistently win because everyone tries for it. My advice is to forget the scoring and try to pick up some "other" categories.

Let's start at the top with your guards. Joe Johnson is enjoying a rebirth, Wade is back next week, and Mike James is a solid backup. Your major problem at the guard spot is lack of assists and steals. Remember, you want guards who do guard-like things.

Leondro Barboso can provide you some steals, Jamaal Tinsley is having a slight up-turn in assists in Indiana and Carlos Arroyo does a little bit of both. They are all either free agents or available through trade. Either drop or trade V.Lenard for any of them.

For a larger impact, you can package Francis and Carmelo for Jason Kidd or Stephon Marbury. I am slightly nervous about Marbury - as are many owners - but he is an upgrade at your point position. It is time to move Carmelo. He is playing well and getting good attention, but he will hit the rookie wall after the All-Star break.

Onto your forwards. I like Kenny Thomas, and Kurt Thomas is playing well again. However, you have to drop Harpring, if you haven't already, as he is injured for the season. You still need more rebounding and shot blocking from your frontcourt.

I suggest trading a slightly overrated Corey Maggette for Donyell Marshall or Jerome Williams and picking up a greatly underrated Chris Anderson. Donyell can help across the board with rebounds, blocks, threes and steals and he is a straight-up trade for Maggette. Jerome is a rare breed of forward who rebounds and steals. He is not as good as Maggette so you can get another rebounder (B.Grant) along in the deal. You can try for Maggette for Kenyon Martin, but it's not going to happen.

Meanwhile Chris Anderson is definitely still available in your league and he is a one-man block machine. Blocks is an easy category to win when you've got Yao and Dampier in your lineup.

Finally, I like your centers. Centers are tough but you have some good rebounding and shot blocking there. It helps.

If I had to judge, your team was about an 8th place team, these moves can get you into 4th place. Not bad, right?

Remember, any questions, ask the

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