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InsideHoops [Fantasy Basketball]

Fantasy: The InBox





/ Nov. 14, 2004

The Answerman is the first and only alternative Fantasy Basketball and Romance advice columnist on the web. He is here at to answer all your fantasy questions (or at least the interesting ones).

No time to waste. Lets get to the INBOX

Dear AnswermanÖ

Sam DalembertShould I drop S.Dalembert for Alonzo Mourning? I know Mourning has health issues but heís putting up very good numbers right now and Sam cant beat out Marc Jackson for minutes. -Chris

The great Dalembert debate. The good news is that Philly is playing badly so Coach OíBrien is going to have to make changes soon. The bad news is that Marc Jackson is playing (relatively) well and Dalembert is hurt, setting him back on learning OíBrien rocket science defense.

Iíll take the weasel way out - if you have another center, store Dalembert on the bench. If you need big men, as we all do, you can dump him. Nobody is picking him up soon anyway.


I've just been offered Josh Howard for Billups. I can counter with Billups for Tyson Chandler (f/c), who looks good but... are either of these guys worth taking over Billups? thanks again. -Desperate to Trade

Dear Desperate:

I am getting so many "trade" questions, even though I think it is still premature to go forward with trades. With Billups you get a known commodity - moreover, a known commodity thatís playing well, until a recent ankle setback, though that's no big deal and he's expected back any game now.

Billups is the starting point guard for the Detroit Pistons. He gets the same minutes and same shots every night. You cannot trade him for Josh Howard - who can still lose his minutes to Marquis Daniels - or Tyson Chandler - who has yet to put together a full month of good basketball.

Stick with what you know.


I picked Quentin Richardson. Now I regret my choice. He seems to lose playing time to Joe Johnson. I offered a trade of Quentin with Christie, but it was rejected. Now I think that I'll trade him with Mike Miller or Allan Houston, but it looks like Quentin is better. -Sans Quentin

Dear Sans,

This is why I tell people to hold off on trades. I was nervous about Qís place in the Phoenix lineup as well, but Mike DíAntoni has made it work. Quentin has been playing well in the tiny line-up in Phoenix. Hang on to him.

As to Allan Houston and Mike Miller, they are crappy.

(And on an aside: Fantasy owners, lets throw some love to Coach DíAntoni. Rather than give minutes to a garbage center, he is using all of his fantasy stars and giving them minutes. They shoot as often as possible, giving us points and rebounds, and gamble on steals and blocks. Plus he is using Stoudemire enough for him to qualify at center in a lot of leagues. We love you Mike.)


Dear Fantasy Basketball God: Did you know that you're well known throughout the world ? At least in France. I'm in a head-to-head league (20 teams), and got the first pick. I would like you to tell me what you think about my team, and what should I do in order to get better. Here are my players: Kevin Garnett, Richard Jefferson, Jason Richardson, Eddy Curry, Jason Williams Jamal Tinsley, Mark Blount, Gordan Giricek, Lorenzen Wright, Raef Lafrenzt, Earl Boykins, Brevin Knight, Chris Andersen. Thanks a lot, -Khien

Dear Khein,

Your question drives me to confusion. On the one hand, I loathe e-mails that display a lineup and mundanely ask "What do I do now" - on the other hand, I love hearing and printing about how famous I am.

I figure Iíll answer your question. In my philosophy, a little butt kissing goes a long way.

Considering the depth of your league, your team is good. After some time you will want to focus on either the small man categories (steals and assists) or the big man categories (blocks and rebounds). Once you decide you can trade Richard Jefferson to fill in the blanks (either for a Steph Marbury or a Kenyon Martin).


Hey, I just wanna ask do you think the Raptors can win the east?? I think theyíve got the best depth in the east. If Vince stay healthy do you think they can compete in the east conference?? -RR

Dear RR,

I donít know. Iím a fantasy basketball expert, not a fortune teller. If it helps, I hope Vince stays healthy, so youíve got that good vibe going for you, which is nice.


I am in a salary cap online league based on all the stats (rebs, pts,assists, stls, blks, etc.). Right now I have Kirk Hinrich, Allen Iverson, Tyson Chandler and Gerald Wallace as my Guards and Forwards. I have the option of trading Gerald Wallace and Iverson for Grant Hill (obvious injury concerns) and Kobe Bryant. What do you think? Thanks, -MX

Dear MX,

Rule 1: Always get the best player in the trade. Rule 2: See rule 1.

Who cares about Hill? That trade is worth it for Bryant alone - especially since it doesnít seem that fg% or turnovers matter. I donít know the cap implications, but if it works, do the deal.


I just wanted to get some advice on this trade that was proposed to me. Yao Ming, Chauncey Billups, and Antawn Jamison in return for Baron Davis, Lamar Odom, Antoine Walker and Marcus Camby. I think this trade is pretty even but the only thing is that both Davis and Camby are injury prone. Should I take the risk and make the trade or is it a bad trade? -Hocus Pocus

Dear Hocus:

It is much, much, much too early in the season to go forward with a 7-person trade. I never do a trade involving more than 5 players.

The season has barely started and you are trading away half your team? Give your team a chance. See what they do - then you can start moving them for players that you may actually need.

To put it into actual NBA terms, an offered trade is like a pump fake. When a game is just getting started, a good defender never bites on a pump fake. He has no idea how the guy he is defending is going to shoot that night. By staying on his feet, he maintains defensive position and (the cardinal rule on defense) stays between his man and the basket.

Eventually, the defender will have to go up with the shooter, but only AFTER, he establishes his shot.

Gotta let your team establish itself before you start going up with every trade offer made your way.


I have K.Thomas, and Olowankandi in my C spots and none on the bench. I was thinking about trying to get Tyson Chandler or Blount and I was looking at Mihms numbers this preseason as well as Fortson, Foyle,and Foster. What do you think there production would be like in the reg season? -Swift Cent

Dear Swift,

I like Mihm the best of the batch. Blount a close second. Foyle third. I would not dump Thomas or Olo in the process. I am sure there is some wing player on your roster chucking up shots and doing very little else, that you can dump so you can have a back up center.


On your opinion about "can men and women really be friends." My girl is paranoid about my female friends. When I told her that they are just "friends", she says that "men and women cannot truly be friends". So my question to, if it were you in my place, how would you reassure your girl that she has nothing to worry about? -Jimmy D.

Dear Jimmy,

You know how sometimes basketball player wants to be "THE MAN" on the team. He wants the shots, the big moment, and the spotlight. He wants to be the headliner for the games. Your girl is wants the same thing.

She wants to be the one. THE girlfriend. THE main female in your life. In short, The Man - or more accurately - The WOMAN.

The best solution, because you cannot - like NBA teams - trade away all your female friends for male friends who will better spotlight your girlís talents, is to not mention your female friends to her.

Iím not saying lie to her, but just donít tell her your stories about them. Nothing like "Jen wears her hair like that too" or "Oh, my friend Susie said the funniest thing today".

If you want to see your female friends, you can tell your girlfriend, but make it like itís an annoyance. "Yeah, Val pressured me into lunch today. Sheís so annoying. Most boring lunch ever". Or set up a guy friend with your female friends, and have a double date.

The point is, make your girl the central girl in your life - or at least do things to make her think that she is - like offer a $130 million contract.

Thatís all we have time for today. Thanks for reading, and remember, if you have any questions, ask the

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