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InsideHoops NBA [HOME] Nov. 21, 2003

Fantasy Basketball: Quickies




The Answerman is the unofficial, unauthorized, unrelenting, uncompromising, unpaid, unliscenced, uneducated though highly effective fantasy basketball advice columnist at He is here to answer all your questions.

My loyal readers,

This week we’ll clean out the Answerman’s inbox a little, with some quickie responses to some quickie questions.

I watched “Extreme Makeover” this week as research for future Lineup Makeover articles. They advised shaving “with the grain” for a better shave. Again network television steering men the wrong way.

Here’s the Answer, shaving with the grain helps your skin look better. However, what looks good doesn’t always feel good. If you shave with the grain in the morning, you are giving her razor burns that night. As a general rule, on regular days, shave with the grain. On an expected sex-day, shave against the grain. It’s the only way to get smooth. This goes for the ladies shaving their legs as well.

Onto your questions:



I don't know who you are compared to the next guy, but your experience has certainly got to be better than mine. Besides, the people I'm playing against talk too much smack for me to get any kind of honest input. I need an outside perspective. I hope you can help.


Dear Obe-

I am the Answerman. I have been playing fantasy basketball since before I knew the name for it. In that time I have found patterns. Patterns to how players develop and how teams perform.

For fantasy purposes, I’m your only friend. I am the one person who will take an interest in your team without having an interest in your league.



What do you think about my rebounders....Jamaal Magliore, Troy Murphy, and Brian Grant, and Vlade Divac. I thought for sure that I would have rebounding locked up, but Troy's injury is setting me back.

-Going Big

Dear Big:

You’ve got problems. Murphy gives me real concern. To me, it’s the scariest words in basketball “Plantar Fasciitis”. Head injuries (Crawford) no problem. The foot is another story. A pro’s foot is marred and warped from years of cutting, jumping and landing. If that foot goes, the whole game goes.

In other words, drop Murphy now. Look at Dalembert in Philly and Kelvin Cato in Houston.


All-knowing Answerman,

I'm focusing on Forward/Center types but don't know what I can get for the things I can offer. Give me some answers, like I know you can.


Dear Tom

This is the correct way to address a question to the Answerman.


Dear Answerman,

I would like to hear from you your honest opinion on the current line up I have.

C - E.Curry, J. Voskuhl
F - K. Martin, P. Stojakovic, D. Miles, M. Finley
G - K. Bryant, A. Iverson, J. Crawford, J. Richardson
Reserv/Util - J. Stackhouse, D. Wesley


Dear Spawn,

Your big men don’t rebound or block shots. Your little men don’t pass or shoot 3’s particularly well. Its like a compilation of scorers. That’s not how to win fantasy. Must have guys who get the stats specific to their position. Your centers must rebound and block shots. You point guards must pass and steal. The scoring will take care of itself.


I am being offered Allen Iverson and Corey Maggette for Shaquille O' Neal. I am wondering if that would be a good trade for me to make. If you could let me know if you think that would be a good deal for me to make let me know.


Dear Rich-

I’m going to write a whole column on trading in the near future. In the meantime, here’s the general rule, you ALWAYS want to be getting the best player in the deal.

Which would you prefer two pretty good sandwiches or one great sandwich? Two pretty good cars or one supped up Hummer? Two pretty good movies or one great movie? Two pretty hot girls or one...ok the rule doesn’t always apply.

In fantasy basketball, take the one great player.

In this case, Shaq is the best player in the deal. Hang on to him.


I'd like to start of by saying thank u for the help with my first baby steps in the fantasy world.

I feel like the kid in high school that asks the busy teacher what to study for the next exam, only to hear as his response : "Study everything !"

-1st Timer

Dear 1st,

I wouldn’t say study everything. Start by reading box scores everyday. Read every box score every morning. My favorite format is in the paper with box scores all lined upon top of each other. There are pattern in numbers. You read box scores for 82 games per team a year, you’ll learn what to expect.

Next, I highly recommend watching as many games as possible (with the sound off) and as little Sportscenter. The problem with announcers and Sportscenter is that they highlight spectacular plays as opposed to consistent play. For fantasy purposes, you want to know about consistent play - only box scores tell you that.


That's all the time we have for today, folks.

Good luck everybody and any questions, ask the

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