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[STREETBALL HOME] Aug 25, 2003

Main Event Interview




Waliyy Dixon, better known as Main Event, has been famous in the streetball world for a long time. editor Jeff Lenchiner met with him during the And 1 mixtape streetball tour and discussed life in basketball. Talk about your life in basketball back in your high school and college days.

Main Event: Well in high school, a lot of things were going on in my mind, being young. Basically, I wasn't focused on college. I was just going, I already had my school I was going to attend, which was Rutgers University. Rutgers had me locked - Jeff Van Gundy and Eddie Jordan. We got an interest together that was just a crazy bond that we had when I left high school. So, once I left college, the one year I played, that's when all the decision-making had to come in. Now, I'm leaving a school where I played one year, and on paper that's what you got to have, some kind of tape, I didn't have that. I went down to South Carolina, played at Benedict College, I left school early, I just wasn't focused on school. I had a lot of other things going on in my life, as far as family-wise, a lot of other things. I never knew it would get to this point. I had the dream, go to high school, go to college, go to the NBA. That was my dream like any other kid, having the height that I had. But I knew that for me to survive, I had to keep playing. So I never stopped playing since I left any of those situations, I never stopped playing, I always played. And also, to keep a person who's just trying to go out there and not know what to do after high school ball, or if they don't go to the pros, it's also backbone and something to think about doing that's positive. When was college done for you?

Main Event: I graduated in 1992, I played 1994-95, I stopped playing college ball in like 1995-96. So I've been ballin on my streetball ever since then. And so going back to college, talk more specifically about what was up at Rutgers, being there and leaving.

Main Event: I was playing there, taking it real serious, and what happened was, Jeff Van Gundy and Eddie Jordan got their call for the NBA. So I can't knock their hustle, they got to go on supporting their families also. So I don't knock them, but, that was my interest in going to Rutgers - it wasn't because of the head coach, it was because of Jeff Van Gundy and Eddie Jordan. Like I said, we're friends to this day. Big up to them. And the last few years, where are the main places you've been playing?

Main Event: I've been playing at the Rucker Park, all through the mixtape tour the past four years we've been on tour so it's kind of hard to be in major tournaments. I played in the USBL. I'm just trying to get back from this injury I was in. Once I get back in two more months I'm gonna make it happen, I'm gonna still keep trying to rise to the top and be playing in the best league that there is, which is the NBA. And you never went to Europe?

Main Event: Naw, I never did that. I love my family too much. And the best thing that's happened to you in your basketball career, more than anything what do you love about what's happened in the past or present?

Main Event: More than anything is that I got the love for the game, so it's not about money. It's not about this or that, I got love for the game.

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