1960 NBA draft results, selections, review, recap

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InsideHoops [NBA Draft]

1960 NBA Draft




| June 9, 2005

1960 NBA Draft results, listing the number of each 1960 NBA draft pick, the teams, the players selected and what college, high school or country (if outside of the USA) this year's drafted players came from. InsideHoops.com is your home for 1960 NBA Draft info and previews and full coverage of the event each year.

Round 1
1T. CIN Oscar Robertson, Cincinnati 
2. LAL Jerry West, West Virginia 
3. NYK Darrall Imhoff, California 
4. DET Jackie Moreland, Louisiana Tech 
5. SYR Lee Shaffer, North Carolina 
6. STL Lenny Wilkens, Providence 
7. PHW Al Bunge, Maryland 
8. BOS Tom Sanders, New York University 

Round 2
1. CIN Jay Arnette, Texas 
2. NYK Dave Budd, Wake Forest 
3. NYK Kelly Coleman, Kentucky Wesleyan 
4. DET Ron Johnson, Minnesota 
5. SYR Wilbur Trosch, Saint Francis (PA) 
6. STL Frank Radovich, Indiana 
7. PHW Pickles Kennedy, Temple 
8. BOS Leroy Wright, College of Pacific 

Round 3
1. CIN Ralph Davis, Cincinnati 
2. LAL Jim Hagan, Tennessee Tech 
3. NYK Bob McNeill, Saint Joseph's (PA) 
4. DET Frank Case, Dayton 
5. SYR Joe Roberts, Ohio State 
6. STL Fred LaCour, San Francisco 
7. PHW Bob Mealy, Manhattan 
8. BOS Mike Graney, Notre Dame 

Round 4
1. CIN Dalen Showalter, Tennessee 
2. LAL Wally Frank, Kansas State 
3. LAL Ben Warley, Tennessee A&I 
4. DET Ken Remley, West Virginia Wesleyan 
5. SYR Carl Cole, Eastern Kentucky 
6. STL Horace Walker, Michigan State 
7. PHW Charley Sharp, Southwest Texas 
8. BOS Sid Cohen, Kentucky 

Round 5
1. CIN Don Ogorek, Seattle 
2. LAL George Farley, Cornell 
3. NYK Charley McNeil, Maryland 
4. DET Willie Jones, Northwestern 
5. SYR Jim Mudd, North Texas State 
6. STL Jimmy Darrow, Bowling Green 
7. PHW Al Attles, North Carolina A&T 
8. BOS Wayne Lawrence, Texas A&M 

Round 6
1. CIN Bobby Joe Mason, Bradley 
2. LAL Bobby Goodall, Tulsa 
3. NYK David Denton, Georgia Tech 
4. DET Bill Lowry, Christian Brothers 
5. SYR Herschell Turner, Nebraska 
6. STL York Larese, North Carolina 
7. PHW Jim Brangan, Princeton 
8. BOS George Newman, Kentucky 

Round 7
1. CIN Fred Sobrero, Santa Clara 
2. LAL Howard Jolliff, Ohio 
3. NYK Dick Doughty, California 
4. DET Douglas Moe, North Carolina 
5. SYR Bernie Kauffman, Kentucky 
6. STL Bob Sims, Pepperdine 
7. PHW Bob Clarke, Saint Joseph's (PA) 

Round 8
1. CIN Sam Stith, Saint Bonaventure 
2. LAL John Werhas, Southern California 
3. NYK George Price, Memphis State 
4. DET Mike Yugovich, Youngstown 
5. SYR Don Lynch, LeMoyne 
6. STL Don Curry, Mississippis Southern 
7. PHW George Raveling, Villanova 

Round 9
1. CIN Al Nealey, Arizona State 
2. LAL Claude Lefevre, Gonzaga 
3. NYK Tony Davis, Hawaii 
4. DET Martin Holland, Kentucky Wesleyan 
5. SYR Bernie Findlay, San Diego State 
6. STL Bob Castanada, Rockhurst 
7. PHW Joe Gallo, Saint Joseph's (PA) 

Round 10
1. CIN Lon Sizemore, West Virginia Tech 
2. LAL Dick Harvey, Creighton 
3. NYK Walter Mangham, Marquette 
4. DET Joe Kennelly, Dayton 
5. STL Americas John-Lewis, Iowa 

Round 11
1. CIN Dennis Moore, Regis 
2. LAL Sterling Forbes, Pepperdine 
3. NYK Howard Willis, Grambling 
4. DET Mel Peterson, Wheaton 
5. STL Dick Davies, Louisiana State 

Round 12
1. CIN Ron Altenberg, Cornell (IA) 
2. LAL Will Jones, American 
3. NYK Henry Hart, Auburn 
4. DET Don Dobbert, Wheaton 
5. STL Bob Wilkinson, Indiana 

Round 13
1. CIN John Milhoan, Marshall 
2. NYK Dick Furry, Ohio State 
3. DET Lee Hopfenspirger, Hamline 

Round 14
1. CIN Larry Chaney, Montana State 
2. NYK Jim Hanna, Southern California 

Round 15
1. CIN Ducky Potter, Moravian 
2. NYK Jerry Bechtal, Maryland 

Round 16
1. CIN Gene Jordan, Northwest Missouri 
2. NYK Jerry Schofield, Utah State 

Round 17
1. CIN Ernie McCray, Arizona 
2. NYK Tandy Gillis, California 

Round 18
1. CIN Don Mills, Kentucky 
2. NYK George Krajick, Clemson 

Round 19
1. CIN Larry Willey, Cincinnati 

Round 20
1. CIN Tony Wilcox, Wittenberg 

Round 21
1. CIN Jim McDonald, West Virginia Wesleyan 

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