1961 NBA draft results, selections, review, recap

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InsideHoops [NBA Draft]

1961 NBA Draft




| June 9, 2005

1961 NBA Draft results, listing the number of each 1961 NBA draft pick, the teams, the players selected and what college, high school or country (if outside of the USA) this year's drafted players came from. InsideHoops.com is your home for 1961 NBA Draft info and previews and full coverage of the event each year.

Round 1
1. CHP Walt Bellamy, Indiana 
2. NYK Tom Stith, Saint Bonaventure 
3. CIN Larry Siegfried, Ohio State 
4. DET Ray Scott, Portland 
5. LAL Wayne Yates, Memphis State 
6. SYR Ben Warley, Tennessee State 
7. PHW Tom Meschery, Saint Mary's (CA) 
8. STL Cleo Hill, Winston-Salem 
9. BOS Gary Phillips, Houston 

Round 2
1. NYK Whitey Martin, Saint Bonaventure 
2. CIN Bob Wiesenhahn, Cincinnati 
3. DET Johnny Egan, Providence 
4. LAL Fred Sawyer, Louisville 
5. SYR Chris Smith, Virginia Tech 
6. PHW Ted Luckenbill, Houston 
7. STL Ron Horn, Indiana 
8. BOS Al Butler, Niagara 
9. CHP Jack Turner, Louisville 
10. CHP Jerry Graves, Mississippi State 
11. CHP York Larese, North Carolina 
12. CHP Don Kojis, Marquette 
13. CHP Douglas Moe, North Carolina 
14. CHP Jeff Cohen, William & Mary 

Round 3
1. NYK Tony Jackson, Saint John's (NY) 
2. CIN Bevo Nordmann, Saint Louis 
3. DET Doug Kistler, Duke 
4. LAL Frank Burgess, Gonzaga 
5. SYR Chuck Osborne, Western Kentucky 
6. PHW Jack Egan, Saint Joseph's (PA) 
7. STL Tom Chilton, East Tennessee 
8. BOS Bill Depp, Vanderbilt 
9. CHP Bill Bridges, Kansas 

Round 4
1. NYK George Blaney, Holy Cross 
2. CIN Lowery Kirk, Memphis State 
3. DET George Finley, Tennessee A&I 
4. LAL Charles Henke, Missouri 
5. SYR Hank Whitney, Iowa State 
6. PHW John Tidwell, Michigan 
7. STL Gus Guydon, Drake 
8. BOS Carl Cole, Eastern Kentucky 
9. CHP Roger Kaiser, Georgia Tech 

Round 5
1. NYK Bill Smith, Saint Peter's 
2. CIN Rossie Johnson, Tennessee A&I 
3. DET Danny Doyle, Belmont Abbey 
4. LAL Bill Lickert, Kentucky 
5. SYR Don Jacobson, South Dakota 
6. PHW Bruce Spraggins, Virginia Union 
7. STL John Berberich, UCLA 
8. BOS Bob DiStefano, North Carolina State 
9. CHP Howie Carl, DePaul 

Round 6
1. NYK Cleveland Buckner, Jackson State 
2. CIN Bob Slobodnik, Duquesne 
3. DET Lee Patrone, West Virginia 
4. LAL Bill McClintock, California 
5. SYR Billy Joe Price, New Mexico State 
6. PHW Dick Goldberg, Mississippi Southern 
7. STL Bob McDonald, Maryland 
8. BOS Ned Twyman, Duquesne 
9. CHP Dave Voss, Tulsa 

Round 7
1. NYK Donnie Butcher, Pikeville 
2. CIN Dave Zeller, Miami (OH) 
3. DET Burt Price, Wittenberg 
4. LAL Albert Alamanza, Texas 
5. SYR Roger Newman, Kentucky 
6. PHW Charles McNeil, Maryland 
7. STL Charles Riley, Winston-Salem 
8. BOS Mel Klein, Aberdeen 
9. CHP Ron Heller, Wichita 

Round 8
1. NYK Cedrick Price, Kansas State 
2. CIN Jerry Thelen, Villa Madonna 
3. DET Walter Ward, Hampton Institute 
4. LAL Bill Ellis, UCLA 
5. SYR Dave Mills, Seattle 
6. PHW Larry Swift, Northeast Missouri State 
7. STL Gene Velloff, Doane 
8. CHP John Wessels, Illinois 

Round 9
1. NYK Charles Bowman, Wabash 
2. CIN Larry Krueger, Ohio 
3. DET Peter Baltic, Penn State 
4. LAL Carl Anderson, Oregon State 
5. SYR Rex Tippitt, Grambling 
6. STL Herbert Gray, North Carolina A&T 
7. CHP Steve Strange, Southern Methodist 

Round 10
1. NYK Ron Debillous, Wisconsin State Teachers 
2. CIN Jack Waters, Mississippi 
3. DET Wayne Monson, Northern Michigan 
4. LAL Robert Williams, Hancock 
5. SYR Pete Chudy, Syracuse 
6. PHW Leo Hill, California–Los Angeles 
7. STL Tom Faszholz, Concordia (MO) 
8. CHP Larry Comley, Kansas State 

Round 11
1. NYK Kevin Loughery, Saint John's (NY) 
2. CIN Carl Short, Newberry 
3. DET Richard Kraft, Brockport 
4. LAL Howard Hunt, Duke 
5. SYR Dick Sammons, LeMoyne 
6. PHW Corky Whitrow, Georgetown (KY) 
7. STL Dick Kepley, North Carolina 

Round 12
1. NYK Earl Shultz, California 
2. CIN George Patterson, Toledo 
3. STL Jackie Crawford, Centenary 

Round 13
1. NYK Ned Jennings, Kentucky 
2. CIN Clair McRoberts, Monmouth 
3. STL Howard Stacy, Louisville 

Round 14
1. NYK Bill Engressor, Louisiana State 
2. CIN Carl Bouldin, Cincinnati 

Round 15
1. NYK Vince Kempton, Saint Joseph's (PA) 

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