1962 NBA draft results, selections, review, recap

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InsideHoops [NBA Draft]

1962 NBA Draft




| June 9, 2005

1962 NBA Draft results, listing the number of each 1962 NBA draft pick, the teams, the players selected and what college, high school or country (if outside of the USA) this year's drafted players came from. InsideHoops.com is your home for 1962 NBA Draft info and previews and full coverage of the event each year.

Round 1
1. CHZ Bill McGill, Utah 
2. NYK Duke Hogue, Cincinnati 
3. STL Zelmo Beaty, Prairie View 
4. DET Dave DeBusschere, Detroit 
5. SYR Len Chappell, Wake Forest 
6. CIN Jerry Lucas, Ohio State 
7. SFW Wayne Hightower, Kansas 
8. LAL Leroy Ellis, Saint John's (NY) 
9. BOS John Havlicek, Ohio State 

Round 2
1. CHZ Terry Dischinger, Purdue 
2. NYK John Rudometkin, Southern California 
3. STL Bob Duffy, Colgate 
4. DET Kevin Loughery, Saint John's (NY) 
5. SYR Chet Walker, Bradley 
6. CIN Bud Olsen, Louisville 
7. SFW Hubie White, Villanova 
8. LAL Gene Wiley, Wichita State 
9. BOS Jack Foley, Holy Cross 

Round 3
1. CHZ Don Nelson, Iowa 
2. NYK Bobby Rascoe, Western Kentucky 
3. STL Charlie Hardnett, Grambling 
4. DET Harold Hudgens, Texas Tech 
5. SYR Porter Meriwether, Tennessee State 
6. CIN Chris Appel, Southern California 
7. SFW Dave Fedor, Florida State 
8. LAL John Green, UCLA 
9. BOS Jim Hadnot, Providence 

Round 4
1. STL Chico Vaughn, Southern Illinois 
2. NYK Cliff Luyk, Florida 
3. STL Jerry Grote, Loyola (CA) 
4. DET Reggie Harding, None 
5. SYR Bob McCully, Saint Bonaventure 
6. CIN Jack Thobe, Xavier (OH) 
7. SFW Garry Roggenburk, Dayton 
8. LAL Jan Loudermilk, Southern Methodist 
9. BOS Roger Strickland, Jacksonville 

Round 5
1. CHZ Cornell Green, Utah State 
2. NYK Bob Burgess, Marshall 
3. STL Tom Hatton, Dayton 
4. DET Lindbergh Moody, South Carolina 
5. SYR John Windsor, Stanford 
6. CIN Mike Wroblewski, Kansas State 
7. SFW Jack Jackson, Virginia Union 
8. LAL Art Whisnant, South Carolina 
9. BOS Gary Daniels, Citadel 

Round 6
1. CHZ Bill Hanson, Washington 
2. NYK Ken Stanley, Pacific 
3. STL Jay Carty, Oregon State 
4. DET Ed Noe, Morehead State 
5. SYR Larry Van Eman, Wichita State 
6. CIN Jerry Foster, Drake 
7. SFW Jim Hudock, North Carolina 
8. LAL Bucky Keller, Virginia Tech 
9. BOS Jim Hooley, Boston College 

Round 7
1. CHZ Jack Ardon, Tulane 
2. NYK Richie Swartz, Hofstra 
3. STL Bob McAteer, La Salle 
4. DET John Bradley, Lawrence 
5. SYR Bob Sharpenter, Georgetown 
6. CIN Gary Cunningham, UCLA 
7. SFW Howie Montgomery, Pan American 
8. BOS Clyde Arnold, Duquesne 

Round 8
1. CHZ Larry Pursiful, Kentucky 
2. NYK Warren Fouts, Oklahoma 
3. STL Terry Ball, Washington State 
4. DET Mike Rice, Duquesne 
5. SYR Jerry Harkness, Loyola (IL) 
6. CIN Ed Bento, Loyola (CA) 
7. SFW Bill Kirvin, Xavier (OH) 
8. LAL Bill Garner, Portland 
9. BOS Chuck Chevalier, Boston College 

Round 9
1. CHZ Carroll Broussard, Texas A&M 
2. NYK Paul Benec, Duquesne 
3. STL Marvin Trotman, Elizabeth City 
4. DET Bill Nelson, Hamline 
5. SYR Vince Brewer, Iowa State 
6. CIN Chris Jones, Carson-Newman 
7. SFW Tom Kiefer, Saint Louis 
8. LAL Bill Matson, Minnesota 
9. BOS Mike Cingiser, Brown 

Round 10
1. CHZ Pete Campbell, Princeton 
2. NYK Ralph Richardson, Eastern Kentucky 
3. STL Charlie Sells, Washington State 
4. DET Glenn Moore, Oregon 
5. CIN George Knighton, New Mexico State 
6. SFW Ken McComb, North Carolina 

Round 11
1. CHZ Jeff Slade, Kenyon 
2. NYK Ed Mazria, Pratt 
3. STL Tom Chappelle, Maine 
4. CIN Frank Pinchback, Xavier (OH) 
5. SFW Donnie Walsh, North Carolina 

Round 12
1. CHZ Mel Nowell, Ohio State 
2. STL John Caveny, LeMoyne 
3. SFW Charles Warren, Oregon 

Round 13
1. CHZ Tom Kennedy, Lewis 
2. STL Jerry Carlton, Arkansas 

Round 14
1. CHZ Bob Mahland, Williams 
2. STL Wilky Gilmore, Colorado 

Round 15
1. CHZ Pat McKenzie, Kansas State 
2. STL Dave Ricerto, Rhode Island 

Round 16
1. CHZ Norman Majors, Rockhurst (MO) 
2. STL Wally Roundsville, California Tech 

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