1965 NBA draft results, selections, review, recap

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InsideHoops [NBA Draft]

1965 NBA Draft




| June 9, 2005

1965 NBA Draft results, listing the number of each 1965 NBA draft pick, the teams, the players selected and what college, high school or country (if outside of the USA) this year's drafted players came from. InsideHoops.com is your home for 1965 NBA Draft info and previews and full coverage of the event each year.

AUGUST 18 NOTE: There is a dispute about this year's information. NBA.com has one set of info. NBAdraft.net has a different set. Sporting News' official NBA encyclopedia has a third set. And a player taken in the first round of this draft listed something that disagreed with what NBA.com lists. We apoligize and point out that in over five years, this is the first dispute of factual information we have experienced. We will investigate and resolve this over the next few days.

Round 1
1. SFW Fred Hetzel, Davidson 
2T. NYK Bill Bradley, Princeton 
3T. DET Bill Buntin, Michigan 
4. SFW Rick Barry, Miami (FL) 
5. NYK Dave Stallworth, Wichita State 
6. BAL Jerry Sloan, Evansville 
7. PHI Billy Cunningham, North Carolina 
8. STL Jim Washington, Villanova 
9. CIN Nate Bowman, Wichita State 
10T. LAL Gail Goodrich, UCLA 
11. BOS Ollie Johnson, San Francisco 

Round 2
1. SFW Will Frazier, Grambling 
2. NYK Dick Van Arsdale, Indiana 
3. DET Tom Van Arsdale, Indiana 
4. BAL Tal Brody, Illinois 
5. PHI Jesse Branson, Elon 
6. NYK Hal Blevins, Arkansas A&M 
7. CIN Flynn Robinson, Wyoming 
8. LAL John Fairchild, Brigham Young 
9. BOS Ron Watts, Wake Forest 

Round 3
1. SFW Keith Erickson, UCLA 
2. NYK Barry Clemens, Ohio Wesleyan 
3. DET Ron Reed, Notre Dame 
4. BAL Joe Newton, Auburn 
5. PHI Bob Weiss, Penn State 
6. STL Ken McIntyre, Saint John's (NY) 
7. CIN Jon McGlocklin, Indiana 
8. LAL Jim Caldwell, Georgia Tech 
9. BOS Toby Kimball, Connecticut 

Round 4
1. SFW Warren Rustand, Arizona 
2. NYK Larry Lembo, Manhattan 
3. DET Jim King, Oklahoma State 
4. BAL Skip Thoren, Illinois 
5. PHI Hank Finkel, Dayton 
6. STL Lynn Nance, Washington 
7. CIN Bob Love, Southern 
8. LAL Brooks Henderson, Florida 
9. BOS Richie Tarrant, Saint Michael's (VT) 

Round 5
1. SFW Eddie Jackson, Oklahoma City 
2. NYK Steve Nisenson, Hofstra 
3. DET Ted Manning, North Carolina College 
4. BAL Charles Dinkens, Miami (OH) 
5. PHI Richie Moore, Villanova 
6. STL Theodore Werner, Washington State 
7. CIN Warren Isaac, Iona 
8. LAL A.W. Davis, Tennessee 
9. BOS Don Davidson, Davidson 

Round 6
1. SFW Jim Jarvis, Oregon State 
2. NYK Warren Davis, North Carolina A&T 
3. DET Barry Smith, High Point 
4. BAL Lavonne LeFlore, Jackson State 
5. PHI Mitch Edwards, Pan American 
6. STL John Rambo, Long Beach College 
7. CIN Leon Clements, Ouachita Baptist 
8. LAL Theo Cruz, Seattle 
9. BOS Haskell Tison, Duke 

Round 7
1. SFW Dan Wolters, California 
2. NYK Dale Neel, High Point 
3. BAL Willie Somerset, Duquesne 
4. PHI John Young, Midwestern (TX) 
5. STL Terry Kunze, Minnesota 
6. CIN Jeff Gehring, Miami (OH) 
7. LAL Dwayne Cruze, Idaho State 
8. BOS George Deehan, Lenoir Rhyne 

Round 8
1. SFW Willie Cotton, Central State 
2. NYK Frank Granat, Alliance 
3. BAL Jim Murphy, DePaul 
4. PHI Bob Barnek, Saint Bonaventure 
5. STL Cinccinnatus Powell, Portland 
6. CIN Jim Fox, South Carolina 
7. LAL George Unseld, Kansas 

Round 9
1. NYK Jay Neary, North Carolina-Wilmington 
2. BAL John Wendelkin, Holy Cross 
3. PHI Gene West, Drake 
4. STL Leroy Walker, Utah State 
5. CIN Ron Krick, Cincinnati 
6. LAL Marlbert Pradd, Dillard 

Round 10
1. NYK Wayne Molis, Lewis 
2. BAL Bogie Redmon, Illinois 
3. PHI Dean Church, Southwest Louisiana 
4. STL Spencer Carlson, Baylor 
5. CIN Richie Dec, Seton Hall 
6. LAL Don Rae, Montana State 

Round 11
1. NYK Bill Meyer, Hiram 
2. BAL Thales McReynolds, Miles 
3. PHI Curt Fromal, La Salle 
4. STL Weldon Kytle, Fenn 
5. CIN Dick Maile, Louisiana State 
6. LAL Bob Andrews, Alabama 

Round 12
1. NYK Steve Trupin, Yale 
2. BAL Walt Sahm, Notre Dame 
3. PHI Dan Anderson, Augsburg (MN) 
4. STL Elton McGriff, Creighton 
5. CIN Robert McCollough, Benedict 

Round 13
1. NYK Dennis McGovern, Rhode Island 
2. BAL Joe Ramsey, Southern Illinois 
3. PHI Rich Parks, Tulsa 
4. STL Mel Northway, Minnesota 
5. CIN Oliver Jones, Albany State (GA) 

Round 14
1. BAL Jerry Rook, Arkansas State 
2. PHI Jack Morgenthal, Houston 
3. STL Terry Page, Detroit 
4. CIN Larry Franks, Texas 

Round 15
1. BAL Dave Hicks, None 
2. PHI James Pitts, Georgia 
3. STL George Pomey, Michigan 
4. CIN Ronald Scharf, Georgia Tech 

Round 16
1. BAL Bunk Adams, Ohio 
2. PHI Larry Rafferty, Fairchild 
3. STL Bob Tolan, Eastern Kentucky 
4. CIN Willie Porter, Tennessee State 

Round 17
1. BAL Roger Taylor, Illinois 

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