1966 NBA draft results, selections, review, recap

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InsideHoops [NBA Draft]

1966 NBA Draft




| June 9, 2005

1966 NBA Draft results, listing the number of each 1966 NBA draft pick, the teams, the players selected and what college, high school or country (if outside of the USA) this year's drafted players came from. InsideHoops.com is your home for 1966 NBA Draft info and previews and full coverage of the event each year.

Round 1
1. NYK Cazzie Russell, Michigan 
2. DET Dave Bing, Syracuse 
3. SFW Clyde Lee, Vanderbilt 
4. STL Lou Hudson, Minnesota 
5. BAL Jack Marin, Duke 
6. CIN Walt Wesley, Kansas 
7. LAL Jerry Chambers, Utah 
8. BOS Jim Barnett, Oregon 
9. PHI Matt Guokas, Saint Joseph's (PA) 
10. CHI Dave Schellhase, Purdue 

Round 2
1. NYK Henry Akin, Morehead State 
2. DET Dorie Murrey, Detroit 
3. SFW Joe Ellis, San Francisco 
4. STL Dick Snyder, Davidson 
5. BAL Neil Johnson, Creighton 
6. CIN Jerry Lee Wells, Oklahoma City 
7. LAL Hank Finkel, Dayton 
8. BOS Leon Clark, Wyoming 
9. PHI Bill Melchionni, Villanova 
10. CHI Erwin Mueller, San Francisco 

Round 3
1. NYK Stew Johnson, Murray State 
2. DET Ollie Darden, Michigan 
3. SFW Stephen Chubin, Rhode Island 
4. STL Tommy Kron, Kentucky 
5. BAL Dave Wagnon, Idaho State 
6. CIN Jim Ware, Oklahoma City 
7. LAL John Block, Southern California 
8. BOS Gary Turner, Texas Christian 
9. PHI Donnie Freeman, Illinois 
10. CHI Ed Bodkin, Eastern Kentucky 

Round 4
1. NYK Lee DeFore, Auburn 
2. DET Jeffrey Congdon, Brigham Young 
3. SFW Stephen Vacendak, Duke 
4. STL Bob McIntyre, Saint John's (NY) 
5. BAL George Peeples, Iowa 
6. CIN Charles Schmaus, Virginia Military Institute 
7. LAL Archie Clark, Minnesota 
8. BOS Johnny Austin, Boston College 
9. PHI Ken Wilburn, Central State (OH) 
10. CHI Jim Williams, Temple 

Round 5
1. NYK Ron Jackson, Clark 
2. DET William Pickens, Georgia Southern 
3. SFW Tom Kerwin, Centenary 
4. STL Dick Nemelka, Brigham Young 
5. BAL John Beasley, Texas A&M 
6. BAL John Jones, Louisiana State 
7. CIN Richard Parks, Saint Louis 
8. LAL Stan Washington, Michigan State 
9. PHI Tom Duff, Saint Joseph's (PA) 
10. CHI Larry Humes, Evansville 

Round 6
1. NYK George Fisher, Utah 
2. DET Carroll Hooser, Southern Methodist 
3. SFW Jim Pitts, Northwestern 
4. STL Lonnie Wright, Colorado State 
5. BAL Jeff Newman, Penn 
6. CIN Steve Cunningham, Western Kentucky 
7. LAL Keith Thomas, Vanderbilt 
8. BOS Charlie Hunter, Oklahoma City 
9. PHI Red Robbins, Tennessee 

Round 7
1. NYK Mike Dabich, New Mexico State 
2. DET Ted Manning, North Carolina College 
3. SFW Lon Hughey, Fresno State 
4. STL Jay Neary, North Carolina-Wilmington 
5. BAL Dave Mills, DePaul 
6. CIN Gary Schull, Florida State 
7. LAL Tab Jackson, Idaho College 
8. BOS Jerry Ward, Maryland 
9. CHI John Comeaux, Grambling 

Round 8
1. NYK Mike Silliman, Army 
2. DET George McNeil, Southern Illinois 
3. SFW Ken Washington, UCLA 
4. STL Brian Williams, Xavier (OH) 
5. BAL Roland West, Cincinnati 
6. CIN Ron Krick, Cincinnati 
7. LAL John Wetzel, Virginia Tech 
8. BOS Russ Gumina, San Francisco 
9. CHI Stan Curtis, Northern Michigan 

Round 9
1. NYK Bill Turner, Akron 
2. STL Al Grant, Long Island 
3. BAL Chuck Gardner, Colorado 
4. CIN Billy Smith, Loyola (IL) 
5. LAL Julian Hammond, Tulsa 
6. PHI Pat Caldwell, Rockhurst 
7. CHI Gene Summers, Northern Michigan 

Round 10
1. NYK Richard Moore, Hiram Scott 
2. STL Don Yates, Minnesota 
3. BAL Guy Manning, Prairie View 
4. CIN Freddie Lewis, Arizona State 
5. LAL Mike Rooney, Oklahoma 
6. PHI Bob Bedell, Stanford 
7. CHI Don Swanson, DePaul 

Round 11
1. NYK Rich Dyer, New York University 
2. STL Curt Gammell, Pacific Lutheran 
3. BAL Stan McKenzie, New York University 
4. CIN R.B. Lynam, Oklahoma Baptist 
5. LAL George Grams, Purdue 
6. CHI Carver Clinton, Penn State 

Round 12
1. NYK Dave Deutsch, Rochester 
2. STL Lonnie Lynn, Wilberforce 
3. BAL Grant Simmons, Nebraska 

Round 13
1. NYK Bob Bennett, North Carolina 
2. STL Nick Aloi, Bowling Green 
3. BAL Al Lopes, Kansas 

Round 14
1. STL Ollie Carter, San Francisco 
2. BAL Jim Harter, Pan America 

Round 15
1. STL Paul Long, Wake Forest 
2. BAL Howard Bayne, Tennessee 

Round 16
1. STL Eddie Jackson, Bradley 
2. BAL Ken Barnes, Wisconsin 

Round 17
1. BAL Chris Pervall, Iowa 

Round 18
1. BAL Jerry Trice, Weber State 

Round 19
1. BAL Gene Visscher, Weber State 

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