1970 NBA draft results, selections, review, recap

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InsideHoops [NBA Draft]

1970 NBA Draft




| June 9, 2005

1970 NBA Draft results, listing the number of each 1970 NBA draft pick, the teams, the players selected and what college, high school or country (if outside of the USA) this year's drafted players came from. InsideHoops.com is your home for 1970 NBA Draft info and previews and full coverage of the event each year.

Round 1
1. DET Bob Lanier, Saint Bonaventure 
2. SDR Rudy Tomjanovich, Michigan 
3. ATL Pete Maravich, Louisiana State 
4. BOS Dave Cowens, Florida State 
5. CIN Sam Lacey, New Mexico State 
6. SEA Jim Ard, Cincinnati 
7. CLE John Johnson, Iowa 
8. POR Geoff Petrie, Princeton 
9. BAL George Johnson, Stephen F. Austin 
10. PHO Greg Howard, New Mexico 
11. CHI Jimmy Collins, New Mexico State 
12. PHI Al Henry, Wisconsin 
13. LAL Jim McMillian, Columbia 
14. ATL John Vallely, UCLA 
15. BUF John Hummer, Princeton 
16. MIL Gary Freeman, Oregon State 
17. NYK Mike Price, Illinois 

Round 2
1. SDR Calvin Murphy, Niagara 
2. CIN Tiny Archibald, Texas-El Paso 
3. SEA Jake Ford, Maryland State 
4. BOS Rex Morgan, Jacksonville 
5. CIN Doug Cook, Davidson 
6. SEA Pete Cross, San Francisco 
7. BUF Cornell Warner, Jackson State 
8. POR Walt Gilmore, Fort Valley State 
9. CLE Dave Sorenson, Ohio State 
10. PHO Fred Taylor, Pan American 
11. CHI Paul Ruffner, Brigham Young 
12. PHO Joe DePre, Saint John's (NY) 
13. LAL Earnie Killum, Stetson 
14. ATL Dan Hester, Louisiana State 
15. DET Ken Warzynski, DePaul 
16. MIL Bill Zopf, Duquesne 
17. NYK Howie Wright, Austin Peay 

Round 3
1. SDR Curtis Perry, Southwest Missouri 
2. SFW Earle Higgins, Eastern Michigan 
3. DET Bob St. Pierre, Hanover 
4. BOS Willie Williams, Florida State 
5. CIN Greg Hyder, Eastern New Mexico 
6. SEA Gar Heard, Oklahoma 
7. CLE Surry Oliver, Stephen F. Austin 
8. POR Bill Cain, Iowa State 
9. BUF Chip Case, Virginia 
10. PHO Greg McDivitt, Ohio 
11. CHI Lou Herndon, Jackson State 
12. PHI Dennis Awtrey, Santa Clara 
13. DET Jim Hayes, Boston University 
14. PHO Vann Williford, North Carolina State 
15. BAL Seaburn Hill, Arizona State 
16. MIL Marv Winkler, Southwest Louisiana 
17. NYK Al Williams, Drake 

Round 4
1. SDR Jody Finney, Ohio State 
2. SFW Ralph Ogden, Santa Clara 
3. BAL Bill Stricker, Pacific 
4. BOS Jon McKinney, Norfolk State 
5. CIN Wade Fuller, Loyola (IL) 
6. CHI John Davis, Alabama State 
7. BUF Erwin Polnick, Stephen F. Austin 
8. POR Jim Penix, Bowling Green 
9. CLE Glen Vidnovic, Iowa 
10. PHO Bob Lienhard, Georgia 
11. CHI Jim Wilson, Cheyney State 
12. PHI Dan Crenshaw, Alabama State 
13. LAL Larry Mikan, Minnesota 
14. ATL Fred Davis, Howard Payne 
15. BAL Billy Jones, Louisiana College 
16. MIL Virgle Fredricks, Drury 
17. NYK John Marren, Manhattan 

Round 5
1. SDR James Gilbert, Adams State 
2. SFW Levi Fontaine, Maryland State 
3. DET Bill Jankans, Long Beach State 
4. BOS Tom Carter, Paul Quinn 
5. CIN Uluss Thompson, Wiley 
6. SEA Boyd Lynch, Eastern Kentucky 
7. CLE Wayne Sokolowski, Ashland 
8. POR Ron Knight, California–Los Angeles 
9. BUF Robert Moore, Central State (OH) 
10. PHO John Canine, Ohio 
11. CHI George Johnson, Dillard 
12. PHI Perry Wallace, Vanderbilt 
13. LAL John Fultz, Rhode Island 
14. ATL Bob Riley, Mount Saint Mary's 
15. BAL Gary Zeller, Drake 
16. MIL Mike Grosso, Louisville 
17. NYK Jim Oxley, Army 

Round 6
1. SDR Mike Kretzer, East Tennessee 
2. SFW Vic Bartolome, Oregon State 
3. DET Seviro Brown, DePaul 
4. BOS Rod McIntyre, Jacksonville 
5. CIN Charles Bishop, Louisiana Tech 
6. SEA Samuel Robinson, Long Beach State 
7. BUF Doug Hess, Toledo 
8. POR George Janky, Dayton 
9. CLE Joe Cooke, Indiana 
10. PHO Joe Thomas, Marquette 
11. CHI Lonnie Kluttz, North Carolina A&T 
12. PHI Jerry Venable, Kansas State 
13. LAL Jerry Kroll, Davidson 
14. ATL Dave Parker, Windham 
15. BAL Marvin Polnick, Stephen F. Austin 
16. MIL Willy Watson, Oklahoma City 
17. NYK Jim Signorile, New York University 

Round 7
1. SDR Billy Paultz, Saint John's (NY) 
2. SFW Joe Bergman, Creighton 
3. DET Marv Copeland, Michigan Lutheran 
4. BOS Charlie Scott, North Carolina 
5. CIN Mike Bernard, Kentucky State 
6. SEA James Morgan, Maryland State 
7. CLE Narvis Anderson, Stephen F. Austin 
8. POR Claude English, Rhode Island 
9. BUF Cliff Shegogg, Colorado State 
10. PHO Heyward Dotson, Columbia 
11. CHI Lou West, Seattle 
12. PHI Carlton Poole, Philadelphia Textile 
13. LAL Willie Woods, Eastern Kentucky 
14. ATL John Shinall, Jackson State 
15. BAL Charlie Wallace, Oklahoma City 
16. MIL John Rinka, Kenyon 
17. NYK Roy Hodge, Wagner 

Round 8
1. SDR Don Adams, Northwestern 
2. SFW Jeff Sewell, Marquette 
3. DET Dan Issel, Kentucky 
4. BOS Bobby Croft, Tennessee 
5. CIN Joel McBride, Augusta 
6. SEA George Irvine, Washington 
7. BUF Larry Woods, West Virginia 
8. POR Doug Boyd, Texas Christian 
9. CLE Walter Robertson, Loyola (IL) 
10. PHO Steve Patterson, UCLA 
11. CHI Mike Casey, Kentucky 
12. PHI Fran OHanlon, Villanova 
13. LAL Richard Mount, Purdue 
14. ATL Herb White, Georgia 
15. BAL Tom Dyksera, Wheaton 
16. MIL Jim Samo, Northwestern 
17. NYK Greg Fillmore, Cheyney State 

Round 9
1. SDR Jim Gottschall, Dayton 
2. SFW Lou Small, Nevada 
3. DET Alex Wynn, Dartmouth 
4. BOS Tom Little, Seattle 
5. CIN Bob Mabry, Rio Grande 
6. SEA Claude Virden, Murray State 
7. CLE Tom Lagodich, Kent State 
8. POR Billy Gaskins, Oregon 
9. BUF Larry Duckworth, Henderson State 
10. PHO Carl Ashley, Wyoming 
11. CHI Glen Johnson, Jackson State 
12. PHI Mike Hauer, Saint Joseph's (PA) 
13. LAL Bobby Sands, Pepperdine 
14. ATL Larry Jackson, Sul Ross 
15. BAL Will Hetzel, Maryland 
16. MIL Joe Hamilton, North Texas State 
17. NYK Walker Banks, Western Kentucky 

Round 10
1. SDR Toke Coleman, Eastern Kentucky 
2. SFW Coby Dietrick, San Jose State 
3. DET Bruce Chapman, Nevada 
4. BOS Mike Maloy, Davidson 
5. CIN Carl Johnson, Gustavus Adolphus 
6. SEA Chuck Lloyd, Yankton 
7. BUF Joe Taylor, Dillard 
8. POR Israel Oliver, Elizabeth City 
9. CLE Ken Johnson, Indiana 
10. PHO Gerhardus Schreur, Arizona State 
11. CHI Dale Blaut, West Texas State 
12. PHI Gordon Stiles, American 
13. LAL Kindell Stephens, Fisk 
14. ATL Manuel Raga, Mexico 
15. BAL Ron Becker, New Mexico 
16. MIL Bob Seemer, Georgia Tech 
17. NYK Don Curnutt, Miami (FL) 

Round 11
1. SDR Ron Belton, Bellarmine 
2. DET Rick Anhauser, North Carolina State 
3. CIN Ted Hillary, Saint Joseph's (IN) 
4. SEA Andy Owens, Florida 
5. CLE Dave Schneider, Wayne State 
6. POR Don McClemore, Bowling Green 
7. BUF Dick Walker, Wake Forest 
8. PHO Jim Walls, Clark 
9. CHI Doug Howard, Brigham Young 
10. PHI David Whitley, Tufts 
11. LAL Bob Duklet, Boston College 
12. ATL Deno Mengham, Italy 
13. BAL Mel Bell, Houston 

Round 12
1. SDR Jim Brooks, Nebraska 
2. DET Don Ogletree, Cincinnati 
3. CIN Reggie Roach, Virginia State 
4. SEA John Brunson, Furman 
5. POR Paul Adams, Central Washington 
6. CLE Oliver Taylor, Houston 
7. PHO Ric Cobb, Marquette 
8. CHI Booker Brown, Middle Tennessee 
9. LAL Dewey Varner, Tuskegee 
10. BAL Ben McGilmer, Iowa 

Round 13
1. SDR Harry Lozon, Old Dominion 
2. DET Ernest Hardy, Harvard 
3. CIN Larry Gray, Huston-Pillotson 
4. SEA Allen McManus, Winston-Salem 
5. CLE Kevin Wilson, Ashland 
6. POR Alex Boyd, Nevada–Reno 
7. PHO Fred Carpenter, Hawaii 
8. CHI Charles Bloodworth, Northwest Louisiana 
9. LAL Garry Elliott, Washington 
10. BAL Dan Debardabi, Northern Arizona 

Round 14
1. SDR Clyde Oatis, Aurora 
2. DET Randy Smith, Buffalo State 
3. CIN Andy Jennings, Alderson-Broaddus 
4. SEA Don Beeson, Linfield 
5. POR Frank Loteridge, Pan American 
6. CLE Don Tomilson, Missouri 
7. PHO Chad Calabria, Iowa 
8. CHI Paul Funkhouser, McKendress 
9. LAL Ron Sanford, New Mexico 
10. BAL Mike Williams, Northern Arizona 

Round 15
1. SDR Jay Bond, Washington 
2. DET Dennis Clark, Springfield (MA) 
3. CIN Mike Neer, Washington & Lee 
4. CLE Steve Wannamaker, Drake 
5. POR John Canady, Miami (FL) 
6. PHO Walt Williams, Miami (OH) 
7. CHI Paul Otay, Boise State 
8. LAL Will Teague, Youngstown 
9. BAL Ted Rose, Northern Michigan 

Round 16
1. SDR Dean Olofson, Wayne State 
2. DET Harvey Mariatt, Eastern Michigan 
3. CIN Paul Favorite, Georgetown 
4. POR Doug Williams, Saint Mary's (TX) 
5. CLE Stephen Wilson, Hanover 
6. LAL Pete Walthour, Fort Valley 
7. BAL Don Rather, Northern Arizona 

Round 17
1. SDR Dennis Dickens, Azusa 
2. CLE Bob Peterson, Concordia 
3. LAL Bob Thati, Occidental 
4. BAL Vince Fritz, Oregon State 

Round 18
1. SDR Jeff Cunningham, California–Irvine 
2. POR Bruce Butchko, Southern Illinois 
3. CLE John Cannon, Grambling 

Round 19
1. SDR Rick Erickson, Washington State 
2. CLE Allen Waller, Saint Mary's (KS) 
3. POR Mark Gabriel, Hanover 

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