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InsideHoops [NBL Basketball]

NBL Awards History




The NBL is Australia's main basketball league. This is a list of NBL award winners, year by year. Upated at the end of each NBL season.

Past NBL Most Valuable Players:

Year Player Club
1979 Ken Richardson West Adelaide Bearcats
1980 Rocky Smith St. Kilda Saints
1981 Mike Jones Illawarra Hawks
1982 Al Green West Adelaide Bearcats
1983 Owen Wells Sydney Supersonics
1984 Leroy Loggins Brisbane Bullets
1985 Ray Borner Coburg Giants
1986 Leroy Loggins Brisbane Bullets
1987 Mark Davis & Adelaide 36ers
Leroy Loggins Brisbane Bullets
1988 Joe Hurst Hobart Tassie Devils
1989 Scott Fisher North Melbourne Giants
1990 Derek Rucker Brisbane Bullets
1991 Andrew Gaze Melbourne Tigers
1992 Scott Fisher North Melbourne Giants
Andrew Gaze Melbourne Tigers
1993 Robert Rose South East Melbourne Magic
1994 Andrew Gaze Melbourne Tigers
1995 Andrew Gaze Melbourne Tigers
1996 Andrew Gaze Melbourne Tigers
1997 Andrew Gaze Melbourne Tigers
1998 Andrew Gaze Melbourne Tigers
1999 Steve Woodberry Brisbane Bullets
2000 Paul Rogers Perth Wildcats
2001 Robert Rose Townsville Crocodiles
2002 Mark Bradtke Melbourne Tigers
2003 Chris Williams Sydney Kings

Coach of the Year

Year Player Club
1980 Barry Barnes Nunawading Spectres
1981 Bob Turner Newcastle Falcons
1982 Cal Bruton Geelong Cats
1983 Robbie Cadee Bankstown Bruins
1984 Brian Kerle Brisbane Bullets
1985 Bob Turner Canberra Cannons
1986 Ken Cole Adelaide 36ers
1987 David Lindstrom Illawarra Hawks
1988 Bruce Palmer North Melbourne Giants
1989 Lindsay Gaze Melbourne Tigers
1990 Brian Kerle Brisbane Bullets
1991 Murray Arnold Perth Wildcats
1992 Brian Goorjian South East Melbourne Magic
1993 Alan Black Illawarra Hawks
1994 Brett Brown North Melbourne Giants
1995 Alan Black &
Tom Wiseman Illawarra Hawks &
Newcastle Falcons
1996 Brett Flanigan Canberra Cannons
1997 Lindsay Gaze &
Brian Goorjian Melbourne Tigers &
South East Melbourne Magic
1998 Brian Goorjian South East Melbourne Magic
1999 Lindsay Gaze &
Brendan Joyce Melbourne Tigers &
Wollongong Hawks
2000 Ian Stacker Townsville Crocodiles
2001 Brendan Joyce Wollongong Hawks
2002 Brian Goorjian Victoria Titans
2003 Ian Stacker Townsville Crocodiles

Rookie of the Year

Year Player Club
1983 Jamie Kennedy Canberra Cannons
1984 Andrew Gaze Melbourne Tigers
1985 Mike McKay Adelaide 36ers
1986 Steve Lunardon Nunawading Spectres
1987 Greg Hubbard Illawarra Hawks
1988 Shane Heal Brisbane Bullets
1989 Justin Withers Illawarra Hawks
1990 Justin Cass Hobart Tassie Devils
1991 Andrew Vlahov Perth Wildcats
1992 Lachlan Armfield Canberra Cannons
1993 Chris Blakemore Adelaide 36ers
1994 Sam Mackinnon South East Melbourne Magic
1995 John Rillie Brisbane Bullets
1996 Scott McGregor Newcastle Falcons
1997 Matt Nielsen Sydney Kings
1998 David Smith North Melbourne Giants
1999 Damien Ryan Canberra Cannons
2000 Derek Moore Sydney Kings
2001 Axel Dench Wollongong Hawks
2002 Travis Lane Sydney Kings
2003 Gary Boodnikoff Sydney Kings

Best Defensive Player

Year Player Club
1980 Ray Wood West Adelaide Bearcats
1981 Ray Wood West Adelaide Bearcats
1982 Phil Smyth St. Kilda Saints
1983 Phil Smyth St. Kilda Saints
1984 Not awarded
1985 Not awarded
1986 Not awarded
1987 Leroy Loggins Brisbane Bullets
1988 Phil Smyth Canberra Cannons
1989 Phil Smyth Canberra Cannons
1990 Leroy Loggins Brisbane Bullets
1991 Terry Dozier Geelong Supercats
1992 Terry Dozier Newcastle Falcons
1993 Terry Dozier Newcastle Falcons
1994 Darren Lucas South East Melbourne Magic
1995 Darren Lucas South East Melbourne Magic
1996 Isaac Burton Sydney Kings
1997 Mike Kelly South East Melbourne Magic
1998 Mike Kelly South East Melbourne Magic
1999 Darnell Mee Adelaide 36ers
2000 Darnell Mee Adelaide 36ers
2001 Darnell Mee Adelaide 36ers
2002 Simon Dwight West Sydney Razorbacks
2003 Glen Saville Wollongong Hawks

Most Improved Player

Year Player Club
1988 Darren Lucas Eastside Melbourne Saints
1989 Mark Bradtke Adelaide 36ers
1990 Shane Heal Geelong Supercats
1991 Andrew Parkinson South Melbourne Saints
1992 Andrew Svaldenis Hobart Tassie Devils
1993 Scott Ninnis Adelaide 36ers
1994 Chris Blakemore Adelaide 36ers
1995 Tonny Jensen Newcastle Falcons
1996 Chris Anstey South East Melbourne Magic
1997 Ben Pepper Newcastle Falcons
1998 Ben Melmeth Newcastle Falcons
1999 CJ Bruton Wollongong Hawks
2000 Andrew Goodwin Townsville Crocodiles
2001 James Harvey Perth Wildcats
2002 Wade Helliwell Brisbane Bullets
2003 Matt Burston Perth Wildcats

Best Sixth Man

Year Player Club
1996 Mike McKay Brisbane Bullets
1997 Ben Pepper Newcastle Falcons
1998 Jason Smith South East Melbourne Magic
1999 Bruce Bolden West Sydney Razorbacks
2000 Ben Knight Townsville Crocodiles
2001 Chris Anstey Victoria Titans
2002 Jamahl Mosley Victoria Titans
2003 Stephen Black Perth Wildcats


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