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Sabrina Ionescu interview quotes after going No. 1 in the WNBA Draft

April 18, 2020
1:00 a.m. ET

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With the first pick in the 2020 WNBA draft, which took place Friday evening, the New York Liberty selected Sabrina Ionescu, who played college ball at the University of Oregon.

Here are Ionescu interview quotes after she became the big new name in Big Apple basketball:

Question: With you coming into the WNBA, what part of your game are you looking to work on the most and what can the Liberty expect from you?

Sabrina Ionescu: Iím looking to do everything that I possibly can to get better in every aspect, whether thatís scoring, defending, rebounding, passing. Iím really just excited to be playing against professionals and learning from them and just seeing where that takes me.

Question: How do you think your game will translate in the WNBA, and to piggy-back off the last question, what do you think you can bring to the WNBA?

Ionescu: I just think being a part of a younger team and just trying to learn from them and seeing where I fit in, what role Iím gonna play is exciting and just bringing a competitive spirit that I have and just excited to get there and start working with the team and hopefully just continue to use my platform and what I did at Oregon and bring that in to the Liberty.

Question: What excites you most about joining the Libertyís system, playing with guards like Asia Durr and Kia Nurse?

IONESCU: They have great guards there. Their ability to shoot and spread the floor out, but also run in transition. Walt (Liberty Head Coach Walt Hopkins) runs a great offense, and the pick-and-roll is something that Iím familiar with. Being able to enter an offense where itís really similar to what Iíve been playing with the last four years is exciting. Iím excited to continue to grow my game in that aspect.

Question: What was your thought process heading into today with the draft being a little bit different?

IONESCU: Of course, it was different than what I had expected. Just excited to be able to be here with my family and the people closest to me and be able to spend this time. Really making the most out of whatís going on in todayís society. But really happy to spend this moment with them and itís exciting to have gone through this process.