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Sixers vs Nets Game Recap

November 5, 2018


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We're having fun changing game recap formats this season. We may keep switching things up, or stick to one style. Still deciding. Either way, you're good. Here's a live notes-style recap, taking you through the game live as the action happened:


Nets starters: D'Angelo Russell, Caris LeVert, Joe Harris, Jared Dudley and Jarrett Allen.

Sixers starters: Ben Simmons, Markelle Fultz, Robert Covington, Dario Saric and Joel Embiid.


Joel Embiid got the first points of the game, scoring inside plus the foul for a three-point play... The main Nets cheering section chanted "You can't shoot!" at Ben Simmons while he shot free throws. Simmons hit 1 of 2... Rapper Meek Mill is in the building, to see his Sixers... Dapper Dan is in the building... With 3:46 left in the first, the Nets were 5-for-21, but down just two points thanks to good offensive rebounding and lots of Sixers turnovers... Embiid put up nine points and five rebounds in the first. End of first quarter: Sixers 21, Nets 18.


At 8:58, the Nets were up two. Embiid had 11 points on 3-for-3 shooting, but no other Sixers did much of anything, other than throw the ball away a lot... At 4:50 the game was tied at 33. The Sixers were already up to 15 turnovers, while the Nets had just three... LeVert is doing things. Big things... Simmons is hitting the boards hard... The first half was mostly ugly, for both teams, but things picked up as the quarter progressed... Halftime score: Nets 51, Sixers 47. Levert 18 points, Simmons 13 points, 10 rebounds, two assists, three steals and five turnovers, Embiid 13 points and nine rebounds on 3-of-4 FG and 7-of-8 FT, and D-Russell has eight points on too many shots: 12... The Sixers committed 17 first half turnovers, but shot 51.7% FG... The Nets only committed four first half turnovers, but shot just 37% FG.... Sixers first half three-point shooting: 0-of-9.


Levert quickly reached 20 points. And Embiid is now at 15, with 11 rebounds... D-Russ has come alive. After bricking the first half away, now he's swishing and up to 17 points, five assists... For the Sixers, Embiid and Simmons put up numbers, but have gotten little help... Amir Johnson just hit a three.. He hit 10 all of last season, 27 the season before that, and 10 the season before that... Jarrett Allen now has 13 points and 10 rebounds. It's his 3rd double-double of the season... The Nets are playing very solid basketball and at 2:36 lead 85-69... End of third quarter: Nets 92, Sixers 75. LeVert has 20 points and four steals. Simmons is at 18 points, 10 rebounds and four steals. Russell with 17. Embiid still at 15, plus 14 rebounds and four assists... The Nets scored 41 in the third quarter, the Sixers 28.


Both teams are missing early in the fourth. Nets up 16 at 9:29... Embiid now has five fouls... The low-scoring quarter continues for both teams, but that's good for the home squad, who now lead 100-84 at 7:39... Turnovers: Sixers 23, Nets 8... The Sixers have hit just 3-of-17 threes. Sixers starters are 0-for-6 threes, Redick off the bench is 1-for-6 threes... Halfway through the quarter, Nets lead by 22... No change as the game wrapped up. A gritty first half turned into a decisive Nets win. Final score: Nets 122, Sixers 97. Rondae Hollis-Jefferson finished with 21 points and six rebounds, Russell 21 points and six assists, Simmons 20 points, 12 rebounds and four steals, LeVert 20 points, five rebounds and four steals, Embiid 16 points, 15 rebounds and four assists, and Jarrett Allen 15 points, 10 rebounds and two blocks.

The Nets are now 4-6, the Sixers 6-5.


Both teams are off on Monday. The Nets head to Phoenix to play the Suns on Tuesday. The Sixers head to Indiana to play the Pacers on Wednesday.

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