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Spencer Dinwiddie Interview Quotes after winning 2018 Skills Challenge
February 17, 2018

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Saturday night at 2018 All-Star weekend, Nets guard Spencer Dinwiddie stepped up and won the 2018 Skills Challenge competition. Here are Dinwiddie interview quotes after winning the event:

Q. Spencer, if you could make a brief comment about winning this?

SPENCER DINWIDDIE: It's big for me to even be at All-Star Weekend considering the road that's been in my career, very up and down. Obviously being in the G League both on assignment and as a G League player, thank you to the Brooklyn Nets for giving me this opportunity to play and be here. Then it all really feels and seems full circle because I got to come home and do it in front of my family.

Q. To win this, you have to be skilled in all different facets of the game. Is that something that pleases you, that you consider yourself an all-around player in that regard?

SPENCER DINWIDDIE: Oh, well, definitely. The I think that's one of the marks of my game is being able to affect the game in multiple ways, whether it be passing, defending or scoring. Good thing they didn't have a rebounding challenge, I guess, in this or I wouldn't have won it.

Q. You've had other opportunities in the NBA, but why has it come together for you this year in Brooklyn?

SPENCER DINWIDDIE: I think Detroit was a situation where they were in very win-now mode, and I was a young guy coming off injury. I don't think they felt I could help them in that specific situation. But a lot of credit goes to them for teaching me what it was to be a young guy in this league and teach me how hard the NBA can be. I think for Chicago it was just kind of another series of unfortunate events. They were in win-now mode. I was an unproven guard on a non-guaranteed contract, and they felt Michael Carter-Williams gave them a better shot to win, which was understandable, because they had D-Wade who is on the edge of his career, and (Rajon) Rondo who is in the prime of his career, Jimmy (Butler) as well. So they weren't thinking about five years from now. They were thinking about trying to win a championship that year. In Brooklyn, once again, they gave me a chance to learn and grow. They believed in my abilities. I played last year a lot as a backup role, kind of going back and forth. Then, you know, once again, this situation, this opportunity doesn't come if Jeremy (Lin) and D-Lo (D'Angelo Russell) don't get hurt. I completely understand that. I feel bad for my guys, but in that sense, I'm also grateful for the opportunity. Because Brooklyn could have -- not drafted, but signed somebody else or brought somebody up from the G League instead, but they chose to rock with me while our two main guys were hurt. You know, it's just fortunate to be able to capitalize on that opportunity.

Q. You being from Woodland Hills, California, and the L.A. area, growing up here, obviously you're here now for All-Star Weekend. What's it like being with all these other talents from Los Angeles, number one? And number two, why do you think Los Angeles is such a great basketball city?

SPENCER DINWIDDIE: One second, I'm not actually from the valley. I just went to school out there. I'm actually from L.A. I just think it's a situation where obviously we have a large amount of people in the state and in the city. So that's one thing. But just the competitive nature of basketball. You're growing up and from a young age you're playing guys that are McDonald's All-Americans and this, that, and the third. And if you're playing up, I was in high school, I was playing DeMarre who I believe was a senior or junior. Jrue Holiday, those guys I've played them since I was young. And granted, having that age gap at that time, they were beating me, like soundly. But it helps you grow being able to play against those guys, and now seeing them at this level and them being successful, and also having some of your own success, it creates a brotherhood and a bond that's like no other.

Q. To a casual NBA fan you're probably not the most familiar face. Are you hoping that being on this national stage changes that, or do you like being under the radar?

SPENCER DINWIDDIE: Oh, I don't really too much care, man. Like I know that's probably not as you want, but I try to win. Win every single basketball game that I can. When I step on the floor, just because of my injury that I had in college, I cherish every moment to be able to step out here and play the game that I love and, like I said, do it in front of my family. There was a time when they didn't think this was going to happen, so it's fun.

Q. Did your teammates help you to practice and prepare for this?

SPENCER DINWIDDIE: Yeah, their votes of confidence and their advice, they all helped. I've been getting encouragement from them pretty much since I've been selected and it was announced. So I appreciate my teammates and their support.

Q. Who helped you the most?

SPENCER DINWIDDIE: I think Caris (LeVert) is one of the dudes that helped me a lot, Jeremy Lin as well, Rondae (Hollis-Jefferson). Even though we have a love-hate relationship, but that's my guy too.