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Tacko Fall Interview

October 26, 2019
11:08 p.m. ET


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Tacko Fall InterviewSaturday night in Madison Square Garden, the visiting Boston Celtics beat the New York Knicks, 118-95. Boston ran away with it in the second half. And in the closing minutes, 7-foot-6, 310-pound Celtics rookie Tacko Fall received his first career NBA minutes, and in 3:38 finished with four points and three rebounds. editor Jeff Lenchiner met with Fall after the game for a quick exclusive interview about making his NBA debut. Some fun quotes are below: What did it feel like, to play your first NBA regular season game minutes?

Tacko Fall: That was unbelievable. It felt like a dream. For a very long time I've thought about this moment, and finally came here and it finally happened, and I'm really thankful. It's rare and unique that it's an away arena, cheering. Not the home town. So it really means a lot of people wanted to see you.

Fall: It does, it does. I'm really thankful that so many people care about me, regardless of where I play, if they're rooting against the team I play with. I've seen that in a lot of places that I've been so far, and I'm really thankful. It's an unbelievable feeling. When you first entered the game, did you say to yourself, "let me try to score right away, and take advantage of this?"

Fall: No, I mean, it's all about being mentally ready. All throughout the game I really try to stay locked in, and stay ready for whenever my name was called. And credit to my teammates, they would [tell] me, "stay ready." Talk to me before the game, during the game. So it was a little bit easier for me to do that. So once my name was called it was just a matter of doing my job. On @InsideHoops I tweeted that you had four points and one rebound in one minute, which was true, it was like one minute and 15 seconds or something like that... but then as a fun friendly joke I tweeted that you're on pace to average 192 points per game this season.

Fall: [LAUGHING] 192 points! So my question is, did I exaggerate a little bit?

Fall: [Still Laughing] Yeah that's definitely exaggeration. Just a little bit?

Fall: That's a lot of exaggeration. Happy for you, man.