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Timberland boots well-represented by stars at 2024 NBA All-Star Weekend

March 22, 2024
4:00 p.m. ET

NBA All-Star Weekend 2024, held last month in Indianapolis, Indiana, was the usual light-hearted, fun celebration of NBA stars, their personalities, and in most cases, their basketball ability.

True, the defensive aspect of the honored players' basketball skills were not exactly on display in the All-Star Game, which continues to provoke many fans who on the one hand enjoy seeing high-powered offense, flashy plays, slick passes and gravity-defying dunks, but on the other, appreciate competitiveness. And wish more defensive intensity was involved. And would prefer to see the world's best players truly compete hard against each other.

But that's on the court. And at All-Star, there's plenty to watch off the court as well.

And one competition that remains top-notch is in the NBA style category. Fashion continues to be on display in a big way during the league's All-Star showcase.

One big winner during the festivities was Timberland, the company that was known primarily for their legendary boots but does a lot more than just footwear.

Their boots are iconic. Most notably, the Timberland original premium 6-inch Waterproof boot. Here in NYC, we've worn them forever. But they're a staple of fashion across the globe. And multiple NBA stars were spotted wearing Timberlands in Indiana at NBA All-Star 2024.

The list includes: Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Jalen Brunson and Karl-Anthony Towns, among others.

With NBA style on a big stage for years now, influencing people both in and out of sports, many media outlets are going to be taking a closer look at which brands are getting love, not just from NBA stars but from fans and other influential people in sports and related worlds.

At last month's event, Timberland was well-represented, and we at look forward to seeing what new colorways and styles they come up with and who gets spotted wearing it.

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