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Chris Bosh interview between Heat-Pacers games 2/3

Memphis Grizzlies waive Kris Dunn, David Stockton and Matthew Hurt
OKC Thunder waive Mamadi Diakite, Justin Jaworski and Oliver Sarr
Trail Blazers waive Patrick Patterson, Marquese Chriss and Quinn Cook
Timberwolves waive forward Vince Edwards
Orlando Magic waive Admiral Schofield, B.J. Johnson, Jeff Dowtin and Hassani Gravett
Utah Jazz waive forward Nino Johnson
Mavericks waive Justin Jackson and EJ Onu
Sacramento Kings exercise contract option on Tyrese Haliburton
Dallas Mavericks sign Justin Jackson and E.J. Onu
Dallas Mavericks waive Carlik Jones, Feron Hunt and Tyrell Terry
Miami Heat waive DJ Stewart, Javonte Smart, Micah Potter and Dru Smith
Rockets sign Daishen Nix, waive Marcus Foster
Atlanta Hawks exercise contract options on De’Andre Hunter, Cam Reddish and Onyeka Okongwu
Timberwolves waive Brian Bowen II, Chris Silva, Matt Lewis and Isaiah Miller
Grizzlies sign David Stockton, waive Ahmad Caver
Kings waive forward Emanuel Terry
Timberwolves sign forward Vince Edwards
Lakers waive Joel Ayayi, Chaundee Brown Jr., Cameron Oliver and Trevelin Queen
Pelicans waive John Petty Jr.
Utah Jazz sign forward Nino Johnson
Utah Jazz waive Derrick Alston Jr., Marques Bolden and MaCio Teague
Charlotte Hornets waive Jalen Crutcher and Cameron McGriff
Rockets sign Armoni Brooks and Marcus Foster, waive Tyler Bey
Grizzlies sign Ahmad Caver and Matthew Hurt, waive Sean McDermott and Romeo Weems
Lakers waive guard Mac McClung



| May 23, 2014

Chris Bosh interviewThe Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers are tied 1-1 in their 2014 Eastern Conference Finals NBA playoff series. Here's a Heat forward/center Chris Bosh interview with the media at practice between games 2 and 3.

Question: Chris, Greg said he could go out there and play for you guys in Game 2. What are some of the challenges of bringing a guy in who hasn't played in that long, just kind of inserting him into the lineup, the rotation?

Chris Bosh: Well, it's tough on him to go from not playing to playing. It's extremely tough no matter what you do off the court, the training that you do, if you're working out extremely hard, the game is just a different beast, especially in the playoffs. So that's something we've always had in our back pocket, and if Greg is healthy enough and Coach feels he can give us some minutes, then that's great.

Question: Just asked D-Wade about the fact that you guys haven't lost any games at home this postseason, and he noted all the teams that you guys have lost to in the past in this building in the playoffs. Do you guys remember that? How important is it to you to protect home court?

Bosh: Well, it's always the most important thing, especially in a situation like this, having the home court advantage but not having as many home games as usual. This is just an order that we haven't played many times. I think right now it's extremely important. But we don't pay much attention to what our record is, home or away. We want to make sure that we're taking care of business. We need to play at a high level, and if we take care of the ball, we can do a better job of rebounding, we do all the small things, we'll have a chance to win. That's all you can ask for.

Question: Why is it harder sometimes when a guy like Rasual Butler will step into the starting lineup?

Bosh: Because he's eager. He knows -- I mean, guys want to do well. This is NBA. We're all competitive. Guys want to set the stage and play well for themselves, their team, their family, and show they can play. That's a major incentive to do well sometimes. Especially if a guy doesn't get to play much, he gets out there, he's like, hey, this is my chance. I have nothing to lose. He can play with a free mind, and that's a dangerous guy.

Question: Do you think you guys have improved defending Roy Hibbert over the past year?

Bosh: Well, yeah. Before, there were certainly things we were trying to do. It wasn't really working for us, and that played to his advantage. I think now our coverages are a little bit better. They can get better as they go. But it's a work in progress. We still need to continue to play him well, try our best to keep him off the boards, and if we limit them to one shot, that plays into our hands and gets him running a little bit more, and that's the game we want to get to.

Question: When he tries to back you down into the basket, what do you have to do?

Bosh: Just stand your ground. We've played post defense on plenty of guys. He's not the biggest or strongest guy in the league. We're okay.

Question: What do you think of Mark Cuban's comments yesterday?

Bosh: I don't know. It's a very interesting perspective, I guess. He feels a certain way, and he stands by it. But it's a sensitivity issue. It's one of those things where guys can be really sensitive. So he had some points, but at the same time, I understand what he's trying to do. He's trying to say, hey, this is me. He's trying to put himself out there. But you know there are consequences to that. We'll see how it goes.

Question: Were you offended?

Bosh: Was I offended? No, I wasn't offended.

nba basketball news rumors

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