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nba basketball news rumors

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Eddy Curry Interview




| Nov. 11, 2005

Eddy CurryBefore the start of the 2005-06 season, the New York Knicks got themselves their best center prospect since Patrick Ewing by trading for Eddy Curry. Just 22 years old, the 6-11, 280-pound big man came to the NBA straight out of high school and spent four seasons with the Bulls, averaging 16.1 points and 5.4 rebounds last season. He's now the future of the Knicks. editor Jeff Lenchiner recently met with Curry for an exclusive interview. What's the adjustment for you, fitting into this team? What has Larry Brown specifically said to you?

Eddy Curry: He wants me to play to my abilities, be active out there. Just be the athlete that... I was blessed with the athleticism, and just be active on offense and defense. And what does the team as a whole have to improve upon?

Eddy Curry: Individually, we have a very talented team, but we have to learn how to play as a unit. The sooner we do that, the better we're going to be. I think our team defense is getting better. We just got to continue to work on the things that we're not doing well, and we'll be fine. How's the Garden (Madison Square Garden) feel?

Eddy Curry: Oh, the Garden is great, man. The Garden is everything I thought it was going to be. When you're doing good they're cheering for you. When you're doing bad they let you know that you're doing bad. It's tough love. It's tough love, and once we start winning it's going to be real special here. On the one hand, boos can be annoying I'm sure, but on the other, I'm thinking it's better, because it lets you know that you're playing for passionate fans who care.

Eddy Curry: That let's you know that they're into the game, that they really care about what they're watching, and they really feel deeply about this team. Anytime you have fans like that, you want to go out there and perform for them and try your best. And as for you and evolution of your game, it feels like you've been in the league for years, yet you're still only 22, right?

Eddy Curry: Yeah. That's ridiculous.

Eddy Curry: It's crazy, right? So yeah, talk about the evolution of your game.

Eddy Curry: The next step for me is to continue to try to jell with this team. Try to just make this my home. I hope to be playing here for the next 12, 14 years, so I just want to make this my home and make this a very special place again. And what's your impression of Larry Brown so far?

Eddy Curry: He's great. Coach Brown is great. He's very demanding, but I definitely expected that coming in. He's a great coach, though. And personally, your adjustment from Chicago to New York, what's that been like?

Eddy Curry: It was tough, but at the same time everybody from the Knicks was great. They made the transition real easy for me. It was tough, being that I grew up there, played there, I've never played anywhere else, so it was tough. But I'm really learning New York and loving it, and having a lot of fun. I still miss Chicago, as far as that being my home. But as far as the Bulls go, I don't really miss that situation. I look at that as a stepping stone for me getting to where I need to be. What do you miss about the Bulls if anything, and what don't you miss?

Eddy Curry: I miss my teammates, but other than that, nothing. Other than that, nothing. So the people who actually run the team, that's the past.

Eddy Curry: Yeah, that's done and over with, man. It's done and over with, because your teammates don't make moves. The people upstairs do, and that's just pretty much it. I miss my teammates, I still talk to a lot of them. It's cool. How does New York compare to Chicago as a city, so far?

Eddy Curry: New York is great. New York is great, but, me growing up on the outskirts of Chicago, downtown can move pretty fast for you down here. So I try to stay up in White Plains and the Greenwich area. I try not to come down here unless I'm playing. Because it can get tough. It can be overwhelming and traffic can be so frustrating at times. But I love it. I love it, there's nothing like it. So you're from the outskirts of Chicago? I didn't know which part you were from.

Eddy Curry: Yeah, the south suburbs of Chicago. So you're used to some peace and quiet.

Eddy Curry: I'm used to peace and quiet, no traffic unless you go to the downtown area. Even the traffic in Chicago, it doesn't compare to this. Yeah, lots of cities are spread out and not that concentrated, but here in NYC there's a clear center, and everything is compressed.

Eddy Curry: It is, it's crazy, but that's New York, you got to love it. Ride through Times Square, the lights and stuff, it's amazing. It's beautiful, it really is. is the web's best basketball site. Read daily.

nba basketball news rumors

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