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NBA Rumors: Spain Wins World Cup Gold

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Hot NBA News Stories: Spain beat Argentina 95-75 Sunday to win FIBA World Cup gold... Ricky Rubio was named 2019 World Cup MVP... France won bronze, Australia finished 4th... USA finished 7th... NBA preseason now just two weeks away / Updated September 17, 2019

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FIBA World Cup: Spain wins World Cup gold
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FIBA World Cup
The 2019 FIBA World Cup basketball tournament is taking place in China, with 32 national basketball teams from around the world competing from August 31 through September 15. We're posting daily results with top players from each game, and will expand our coverage after the initial early-tournament dust settles.

NBA Free Agency
The 2019 NBA free agency negotiation period began June 30. That's when NBA free agents started agreeing to new deals. Also see our Best NBA Free Agents page.

NBA Summer Leagues
There were three NBA Summer Leagues in 2019. The Salt Lake City Summer League and California Classic ran July 1-3. And then the big main league, Las Vegas NBA Summer League, involving all 30 NBA teams, took place from July 5-15.

NBA Power Rankings
The most important thing in NBA basketball is winning. Win-loss record will always be the biggest measuring stick. For that, see the NBA standings page. But how about teams with similar records, injuries, or records that somehow don't quite tell the full story on how good the team really is? That's subjective, yes. And the standard NBA basketball website measure of such judgement calls are known as NBA power rankings.

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FIBA World Cup
The 2019 FIBA World Cup tournament, the hot international basketball event of the summer, will wrap up today as Spain and Argentina play each other for World Cup gold Sunday (Sept. 15) at 8 a.m. ET. Earlier today, France beat Australia to win third place/bronze. Team USA finished a mere 7th. To see what happened in each USA game, hit our USA basketball page.

NBA Rumors
You should read our NBA rumors page every day of the year, but especially right now and all offseason long. It should carry you over as you starve for news, but have no fear because preseason is right around the corner.

NBA Free Agency
The 2019 NBA free agency was legendary this summer. Big NBA free agents quickly agreed to many deals that nobody say coming. Some of the biggest NBA offseason news this year included Kawhi Leonard and Paul George going to the Clippers, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant to the Nets, D'Angelo Russell to the Warriors, Kemba Walker to the Celtics, Jimmy Butler to the Heat, and Al Horford to the Sixers.

NBA Draft
The Pelicans won the 2019 NBA Draft Lottery (Grizzlies got No. 2, Knicks No. 3). Thus setting the NBA draft order. On June 11, the NBA Draft early entry list was finalized. The 2019 NBA Draft took place on June 20 and the first few picks went as expected: the Pelicans drafted Zion Williamson No. 1 overall, the Grizzlies took Ja Morant at No. 2, and the Knicks took R.J. Barrett at No. 3.

NBA Summer Leagues
There were three NBA Summer Leagues in 2019. The Salt Lake City Summer League (run by the Jazz) and California Classic (run by the Kings) both ran from July 1-3. The big main league, Las Vegas NBA Summer League, involving all 30 NBA teams, ran from July 5-15.

NBA Playoffs
The Raptors won the 2019 NBA championship, beating an injury-riddled Warriors team in six games... Hit our NBA Playoffs home page for complete postseason results.

NBA Daily
What matters most in the NBA? Playing basketball games. And the results of those games. Sorry to shock you. But that's reality. For a daily roundup all on one page, hit our NBA daily game recaps page. Obviously this feature is for the season, not the summer.

NBA Videos
To truly understand NBA basketball, you need to watch the games. Full games. But viewing top plays and hot highlights is always fun. For the most awe-inspiring dunks, passes, shot-blocks and more, hit our NBA video clips page.

NBA Stats
The NBA stats section focuses on the essentials. The most popular page for fans is probably the NBA player stat leaders page. But click the section to see what each team is good and not so good at, which rookies are shining, and more. Also in that section is the NBA attendance data info page.