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Chris Bosh Heat playoffs interview




| May 23, 2011

Chris Bosh Heat playoffs interviewThe Miami Heat lead the Chicago Bulls 2-1 in their best-of-seven Eastern Conference Finals series. Here's what Heat forward Chris Bosh said to the media:

Question: At what point in this season did you kind of find your groove, in terms of your comfort zone with this team? When did you feel like you were in sync with these guys and your role?

Chris Bosh: It's kind of a weird question. It happened in spurts, but then things change. Things were changing so much with the team. It will happen one week, and then things will change the next week. In the playoffs we play one team, you have different schemes that you're up against, and it changes. So it was always just learning on the fly with us, and with me in particular. It's starting to work out. I'm starting to figure it out. It goes better on a game by game basis.

Question: Chris, you're the only player to have 30 points in the series. You've done it twice now. What has been the key for you to get so involved offensively?

Bosh: I think just being aggressive. We're finding gaps in their defense. They're a great defensive team, but we have some windows of opportunities at a certain point, and we try to exploit them. Usually I have to trust my teammates and they have to trust me. They put me in a position to score sometimes. I try my best to be effective.

Question: Given what happened with Joakim and the slur, do you feel like you're getting in their heads a little bit, like they're getting frustrated?

Bosh: No, it's really tough. That's just something we faced all year in the regular season. Usually stuff like that doesn't happen till the playoffs. But with us, fans have been saying stuff to us forever. We've been getting booed forever. I mean, we've been under the microscope and the media for the whole season. Sometimes it can test you. It's not the easiest thing to deal with. We're used to it. I think sometimes other teams and other guys, just for that split second, they might just feel a certain way and let their guard down.

Question: Do you guys feel like you're in the [winning] seat now?

Bosh: No, not yet. We have to win tomorrow. We don't want to go into Game 5 tied 2 2 going into Chicago. That can't happen. We have to protect home court and we have to play a better game tomorrow.

Question: Chris, what have you appreciated about playing with Dwyane this year and what have you learned from him this year?

Bosh: Just how hard he works. What kind of person he is off the court. And just his confidence level on the court. He's a great scorer, great player and a great teammate. Anytime you can play with a great player like that, who's only going to get better with time, that's a very important thing. It makes it a lot of fun. This is what we play this game for. You play this game to play with other good players, kind of have comrades and make championship runs. We're getting all that done right now.

Question: How different does this round and each game feel? Is there a different energy for each game, a different nervousness each game and a different excitement each game?

Bosh: Yeah, I mean, sometimes you can be so tense in the days before the game, you can kind of have a sick feeling to your stomach. You're just so intense, so looking forward to everything, every detail that's paid attention to, it can affect you. That's how it is. You can't wait to get out there and you can't wait to play. It's going to be like that tomorrow. It's playoff basketball. That's why it's very hard. That's why not too many people have won multiple championships. It's difficult.

Question: How have you bounced back from falling behind the series from the first time this year into back-to-back victories?

Bosh: It's like we've been scrutinized in so many different ways. Being down 1-0 on the road, that's something else. More controversy. And I think we've practiced that we've been put in so many situations so many different times that that doesn't affect you too much. You just think about Game 2. You put that behind you. You focus on the next one and try to get that one.

Question: You've been at least from my standpoint, you've been more animated from this series than I've seen you all year. Is this something Chicago is saying or doing? Or are they bringing the best out of your and your teammates? Or have you finally let loose some emotions?

Bosh: I think it's a mix of everything. It's the situation. It is the Eastern Conference Finals. It's coming down to will and determination right now. I'm just trying to showcase all of that. I want people to know that I want it. You know what I'm saying? Sometimes it's going to take you being more animated. Sometimes you have to step outside of yourself a little bit more in order to get that done. I think I'm just trying to be confident and more aggressive on the court.

Question: What was the running dialogue with Taj about?

Bosh: I don't talk. I'm not good. I can't do that. I don't talk and play basketball. Some dudes are great at it. But I don't really know what he was saying. I just heard noise. Just made me more aggressive. I love it, man. Yeah.

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