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nba basketball news rumors

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Bulls trade Eddy Curry to Knicks

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| Oct. 4, 2005

Eddy CurryThe Chicago Bulls convey to the New York Knicks the contract of Antonio Davis and the signed-and-traded contract of Eddy Curry. In exchange, New York conveys to Chicago the contracts of Tim Thomas and Michael Sweetney, the signed-and-traded contract of Jermaine Jackson, and New York’s regular second round draft choice in 2007 and 2009.

In addition, New York conveys to Chicago, New York’s 2006 regular first round draft choice on condition that the pick does not actually go to Utah (due to not being number 26-30) and also on condition that New York receives San Antonio’s 2006 regular first round selection (due to being number 11-30). If New York’s 2006 first round does go to Utah (due to being number 26-30), and New York does receive San Antonio’s 2006 first round pick (due to being number 11-30), New York conveys to Chicago that San Antonio first round selection.

In addition, New York also conveys to Chicago the right to switch first round draft picks with New York in 2007 provided that New York’s first round selection does not go to Utah (is not number 25-30).

Per team policy, terms of the contract were not disclosed. This trade is conditional upon the players passing their physicals.

Thomas is an eight-year veteran of the NBA and has appeared in 574 career games, including 316 starts, and holds averages of 11.9 ppg, 4.0 rpg and 1.4 apg in 26.4 mpg. He is a career .443 shooter, including .368 from three-point range, and .766 from the free throw line. He has also appeared in 33 playoff games, averaging 12.8 ppgs, 4.6 rpg and 1.5 apg in 27.1 mpg. In 2004-05, the 6-10, 240-pound forward played 71 games for the Knicks, starting 68, and averaged 12.0 ppg, 3.3 rpg and 1.5 apg in 27.3 mpg.

Sweetney, a 6-8, 270-pound forward, has spent his only two NBA seasons with the Knicks since the team selected him ninth overall in NBA Draft 2003. He has played in 119 games and has averaged 7.0 ppg and 4.8 rpg. Last season, he made 77 appearances, including 28 starts, and averaged 8.4 ppg and 4.6 rpg in 19.6 mpg.

Jackson is a 6-5, 204-pound guard that has four years of NBA service, spending time with four teams before coming to the Bulls. He has appeared in 105 career games and has averaged 2.2 ppg, 1.5 apg and 1.1 rpg in 10.9 mpg. Last season, he made 21 appearances as a Knick and averaged 2.0 ppg, 1.1 apg and 1.1 rpg.

In four seasons since becoming the Bulls’ youngest draftee ever, Curry has appeared in 289 games, including 202 starts. He holds career averages of 11.8 ppg and 4.9 rpg in 23.1 mpg, while shooting .529 from the floor and .671 from the free throw line. Last season with the Bulls, Curry averaged a careeer-high 16.1 ppg and 5.4 rpg in 28.7 mpg in 63 games before an irregular heart beat on March 30 sidelined him for the remainder of the season.

Davis is an 11-year veteran of the NBA and has appeared in 859 career games, including 485 starts, and has averaged 10.3 ppg, 7.6 rpg, 1.2 apg and 1.00 bpg, while shooting .448 from the floor. In 2004-05 with Chicago, he averaged 7.0 ppg, 6.0 rpg, 1.1 apg and 25.6 mpg. Editor's View: Wow. How's that for an initial reaction? Not that the trade is so overwhelming. It's just been a long road. Eddy Curry's agent and Jim Paxson both probably need a drink right now. Heck, I need a drink just from reading how the first round draft pick will be conveyed. Anyway, So the Knicks get Eddy Curry (long term deal) and Antonio Davis (I believe he's a free agent next summer). The Bulls get Tim Thomas (free agent next summer), Mike Sweetney (still on his rookie contract), Jermaine Jackson (throw-in), and two future Knicks second round draft picks (in general, second rounders have very limited value). And then, the Bulls get a first round draft pick: Either the Knicks or Spurs 2006 first rounder. But if it's the Spurs pick, then in 2007 the Bulls get to switch first round picks with the Knicks if they want.

Did I read that draft stuff correctly?

Bottom line, the Knicks get Eddy Curry, who is just 22 years old and hopefully stays healthy and learns to rebound. They don't need Antonio Davis. The Bulls get Mike Sweetney and a first rounder. They don't need Tim Thomas (his expiring contract helps clear salary cap room) and those second rounders don't mean too much. Though, these days you can get some legit talent there.

Provided Curry stays healthy, the Knicks did well. Though, we still don't know how much they're paying him. Not that salaries matter to the Knicks. With him at center, Jerome James can back him up, and rookie Channing Frye should probably be used at power forward.

Provided that Sweetney develops and becomes pretty good, and provided the Bulls get lucky with that first round draft pick, they didn't do too badly considering very few teams went strong after Curry and they were in a really tough situation. The Bulls aren't happy, though. They didn't want it to come to this. But at least they get a big expiring contract and some potential young talent. Sweetney isn't bad.

I need a drink. Hey Leon Rose, if you're in NYC, hit my cell. You're buying.

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nba basketball news rumors

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