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Pro Basketball Writers Association




| Feb. 21, 2008

Pro Basketball Writers Association The Pro Basketball Writers Association is an organization that aims to promote and protect the rights of writers and others working in the coverage of pro basketball.

PBWA Constitution
Source: Pro Basketball Writers Association

Article I
The name of the organization shall be Professional Basketball Writers Association.

Article II

The purposes of the PBWA are:

1. To promote and protect the rights of its members and others in regard to working conditions in the daily coverage of professional basketball.

2. To represent the collective interests of its members in any area that affects their professional duties or general welfare.

3. To uphold high standards of professionalism in their craft.

4. To present to the public and to the basketball community a responsible group for dealing with matters of mutual interest.

5. To stimulate cooperation and fraternity among its members.

6. To use its powers for whatever purposes the membership duly decides to be worthwhile.

Article III

The following criteria must be met by all members:

1. He or she must be employed by a media organization of general circulation which regularly assigns reporters to cover professional basketball.

2. Such an employee must be one of the following:

A). A reporter assigned regularly to cover professional basketball.

B). A sports editor, assistant sports editor or head of a sports copy desk.

C). a regular sports columnist.

D). Anyone certified by his or her sports editor as a basketball specialist who is not covered in paragraphs A, B, or C.

3. Anyone who does not qualify under sections 1 and 2 above may be granted membership on a case-by-case basis by the membership committee and and president, but only if the applicant meets the following criteria:

A). He or she is an employee of a weekly newspaper or news magazine which covers professional basketball on a regular basis, and the applicant is assigned to such coverage.

B). He or she is an employee of a daily newspaper of specialized circulation (such as a foreign language of neighborhood newspaper) which regularly assigns reporters to cover professional basketball.

C). He or she is a sports editor or regular columnist of a daily newspaper of general circulation that does not regularly assign reporters to cover professional basketball.

D). He or she is an employee, editor or owner of a Web site which specializes in professional basketball.

E). He or she is a writer for a media enterprise who primarily is responsible for covering professional basketball.

Written 1973, Updated 2007. Source: Pro Basketball Writers Association.

History of the Pro Basketball Writers Association
Source: Pro Basketball Writers Association

The concept of a professional organization for NBA beat writers and other men and women who cover professional basketball was first discussed in the early 1970s. Working conditions were exceedingly difficult. Pro basketball was growing in popularity and news coverage was expanding. But it was hard for even the most dedicated beat person to perform his or her job. The NBA did not have a firm policy on access to locker rooms, team practices, players or administrators. Some teams were cooperative; others were not. Cooperation often depended on the mood of a coach, player or general manager on a given day.

The first formal meeting of what was to become the PBWAA (Pro Basketball Writers Association of America) was held during All-Star weekend on Jan. 18, 1972 at the Century Plaza hotel in Century Plaza, Calif. A year later, on Jan. 23, 1973, the PBWAA was formally organized during a meeting at the O'Hare Hyatt Regency Hotel with Bob Logan of the Chicago Tribune a driving force.

PBWA Officers
Source: Pro Basketball Writers Association


2008: Rick Bonnell, Charlotte Observer
2005-07: Steve Ashburner, Minneapolis Star Tribune
1999-05: Sam Smith, Chicago Tribune
1997-99: Dave D'Alessandro, Newark Star Ledger
1996-97: Mike Monroe, Denver Post
1994-96: Mike Kahn, Tacoma News-Tribune
1992-94: Fred Kerber, New York Post
1990-92: Shaun Powell, Miami Herald
1988-90: Jan Hubbard, Dallas Morning News
1987-88: Don Greenberg, Orange County Register
1985-87: Phil Jasner, Philadelphia Daily News
1983-85: Fran Blinebury, Houston Chronicle
1982-83: Bob Ryan, Boston Globe
1980-82: George White, Houston Chronicle
1977-80: Steve Hersey, Washington Star
1976-77: George Cunningham, Atlanta Constitution
1974-76: Don Fair, Seattle Post Intelligencer
1972-74: Joe Gilmartin, Phoenix Gazette


2001-03: Steve Wyche, Washington Post
1999-01: Lacy Banks, Chicago Sun-Times
1997-99: Scott Howard-Cooper, Los Angeles Times
1996-97: Dave D'Alessandro, Newark Star Ledger
1994-96: Kelly Carter, Orange County Register
1992-94: Mike Kahn, Tacoma News Tribune
1990-92: Mike Monroe, Denver Post
1988-90: Shaun Powell, Miami Herald
1987: Jan Hubbard, Dallas Morning News
1986-87: Lex Hemphill, Salt Lake Tribune
1985: Phil Jasner, Philadelphia Daily News
1984: Art Thiel, Seattle Post Intelligencer
1983: Fran Blinebury, Houston Chronicle
1979-82: Bill Halls, Detroit News
1978-80: Bob Logan, Chicago Tribune
1977: Steve Hersey, Washington Star
1974-76: Bill Halls Detroit News
1972-74: Bob Logan, Chicago Tribune


2001-2008: Rich DuBruff, freelance (Baltimore)
1996-01: Mary Schmitt-Boyer, Cleveland Plain Dealer
1986-96: Bill Halls, Detroit News
1985: Ray Frager, Baltimore Sun
1983-84: Bill Kriefeldt, SID, Albion College
1980-83: Dan Blumenthal, freelance (New York)
1975-80: Bert Rosenthal, Associated Press (New York)
1972-74: Mike Janofsky, Baltimore Evening Sun


January 23, 1973
Pete Alfano, Newsday
Mike Asher, Washington Post
Lacy Banks, Chicago Sun-Times
Pete Carry, Sports Illustrated
Larry Casey, Chicago Today
George Cunningham, Atlanta Constitution
Larry Donald, Basketball Weekly
Ron Drogo, Hackensack Record
Don Fair, Seattle Post Intelligencer
Joe Gilmartin, Phoenix Gazette
Sam Goldaper, New York Times
Alan Goldstein, Baltimore Sun
Burt Graeff, Cleveland Plain Dealer
Jane Gross, Sports Illustrated
Bill Halls, Detroit News
Bob Harding, Newark Star Ledger
Doug Ives, Long Beach Press Telegram
Murray Janoff, Long Island Press
Mike Janofsky, Baltimore Evening Sun
George Kimball, Boston Herald
Jack Kiser, Philadelphia Daily News
Leonard Koppett, New York Times
Bob Logan, Chicago Tribune
Gil Lyons, Seattle Times
Dick Mackey, Kansas City Star
Milt Northrop, Buffalo Evening News
Phil Pete, New York Daily News
Bob Powell, Buffalo Courier Express
Alan Richman, Philadelphia Bulletin
Bob Ryan, Boston Globe
Armand Schneider, Chicago Daily News
Darrell Simmons, Atlanta Journal
Curt Sylvester, Detroit Free Press
Joe Whittington, Houston Post
Bob Wolf, Milwaukee Journal

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