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  1. All Time Political Powers Draft
  2. Can we all agree that the JFK assassination was conspiracy
  3. Rest in peace the 2,976 american who died in the 9/11 attack BUT..
  4. BREAKING! Donald Trump calls for revolution
  5. Man Murders A Drunk Driver After Car Crash
  6. Breaking: Jeremy Clarkson sacked by the BBC
  7. What did the Indians get for welcoming the white man to their shores?
  8. The Toyota truck is the official truck of ISIS. Hmm that would explain a lot lately
  9. Canadian Government: Climate Change is Sexist
  10. Philippines President says kill all drug dealers and users
  11. trump destroys corpse mccain
  12. Andrew Yang NEEDS To Be The Next President
  13. Jeffrey Epstein hangs himself in jail
  14. So can we just never talk about supporting the troops again?
  15. Ukrainian Prosecutor was told to Back Off Investigation
  16. Impeachment prediction thread
  17. Corona MEMES
  18. Why isn't Sweden experiencing massive covid-19 fatalities yet?
  19. Kim Jong Un is gravely ill after heart surgery
  20. If lockdowns are lifted b/c it's supposedly safe, ppl have the right to not wear mask
  21. Stimulus checks
  22. DOJ Drops Case Against Michael Flynn
  23. What would it take for everyone to respect the Virus?
  24. Pakistan Airlines A320 crashes near Karachi airport
  25. An unprecedented 25% of Americans are unemployed
  26. Im worried about the person who runs this Youtube channel
  27. Nothing can justify this destruction of people’s lives
  28. We gon act like Donald Trump didn't just call black protestors THUGS?
  29. Donald Trump is hiding inside a bunker from protestors outside the White House
  30. bunch of chinese caught otuside white house stirring sh*t up.
  31. “A protestor shot my sister”
  32. Will the riots help Trump (and other republicans) get re-elected?
  33. Cabinet members of "Ex-Hitler" GEORGE W BUSH form Super PAC to support JOE BIDEN
  34. Trump asked to name a verse from the bible, hilarity ensues
  35. 9 unarmed Blacks were killed by Police in 2019
  36. Trump says the RNC is pulling out of Charlotte
  37. Trump says he's done more for black people than any president in history
  38. So we can see how groups tend to hate the shitheads among their own.
  39. Virginia to remove statue of traitor Robert E. Lee
  40. Leaked documents reveal China withheld crucial information about the coronavirus at t
  41. Black woman gives powerful speech amongst riotters in her neighborhood
  42. White teens start disgusting "George Floyd Challenge" on social media
  43. If we cant prevent athletes from committing crimes, how do we prevent police...?
  44. "These 8 Policy Changes Can Decrease Police Violence By 72%"
  45. You can either choose to believe this or not... but Trump is not establishment
  46. Drew Brees speaks on Colin Kaepernick's kneeling during anthem
  47. Black lives matter...
  48. Here is simple proof that Liberals don't care about Blacks and Racism
  49. Is there a racial component to taking away voting rights from felons? #StayWoke
  50. Liberal anti-racism vs Conservative anti-racism
  51. America is becoming woke...and ARMED
  52. Minneapolis City Council is seriously weighing disbanding the Police
  53. Blacks should be given a space in America for THEMSELVES. Who disagrees with this??
  54. Did you know: Floyd aimed loaded gun at a pregnant black woman stomach in 07 robbery?
  55. Did all the “Muslim Terror” from the Bush/Obama years just... stop??
  56. Imagine thinking United States of America will ever be invaded
  57. What if George Floyd died March 4th?
  58. 2 questions about the black community
  59. What if neocons... are RIGHT!?
  60. Biden just blurted out 10-15% of Americans are bad people. Who was he talking about?
  61. 2.5 Million Jobs Added In May
  62. Amazon warehouse Set on Fire and Destroyed
  63. This guy is done empathizing with the protestors
  64. George W. Bush won't support Donald Trump’s reelection
  65. Would you support BLM if they simply changed their name to BLM too (anonymous poll)
  66. These protests are a civil war of attrition
  67. Colin Powell to vote for Joe Biden, says Trump 'lies'
  68. Police officers wash the feet of Black faith leaders and beg for forgiveness
  69. I think white people should just let change happen
  70. Is Abraham Lincoln the biggest American traitor?
  71. It might be possible 4 Trump to win, but that won’t bode well for any of us
  72. Timeline of Trump supporters moving goal posts regarding protests
  73. Nascar condemns racism and the confederate flag
  74. Let's be real... How FU#KING awesome is woke culture!?!
  75. Good movies on racial oppression
  76. Here's how sh1tty the Black Lives Matter movement is
  77. The silent majority are the only people truly trying to bridge racial and social gaps
  78. I have accepted Joe Biden will be the next president
  79. Interviews with BLM Protesters
  80. Cops TV series canceled after 31 years in wake of protests
  81. Will COVID be used to block international travel as freedom clamps come down in USA?
  82. Where is all the collateral from this "unprecedented pandemic"????
  83. Trump supporters Fired from their Jobs for taunting protestors
  84. libTARDS VS RepubTARDS
  85. What about asian lives or Mexican lives?
  86. If every political/social debate would start with a sports convo
  87. Men's lives matter! Police brutality against men must come to an end. It's time.
  88. Confederate statue falls on protester in VA crushing his skull
  89. The global central banking scheme is collapsing. Buy Bitcoin.
  90. Protestors take over Seattle. Mayor tells Trump to go back to his bunker
  91. ATTN: trump foot soldiers & covid deniers
  92. New York Times: These Places Could Run Out of Hospital Beds as Coronavirus Spreads
  93. Man turns the tables on an Arizona cop by asking them their own questions
  94. Breaking News: Third Wave of Coronavirus Breaks out in China. Beijing Locked Down.
  95. I’m in New Orleans and Bourbon street is totally stopped by a Trans BLM bike parade.
  96. Were Castro and the revolutionaries right to overthrow Batista's Cuba?
  97. Why is it liberals tend to be more intelligent?
  98. Protester in Seattle’s demands for white demonstrators to give $10 to a black person
  99. Protesters burn Atlanta Wendy’s where cops fatally shot Rayshard Brooks
  100. To those that are white, how do you feel about possibly having less privilege?
  101. No lives matter.
  102. Quick question: BLM advocates split between supporting gays and not supporting gays?
  103. Transport ISH to 1861...which posters are joining the Confederacy?
  104. Two black men were hanged on a tree by white supremacists
  105. BLM/ANTIFA & Current Social Issues Memes
  106. Defund the Police Protester wants Justice
  107. North Korea blows up joint liaison office with South in Kaesong
  108. Cue disconnected from reality mayor's kick to the head awakening
  109. Is Fidel Castro one of the GOAT heroes?
  110. The Democratic Party is consciously “rebranding” as Black Lives Matter
  111. When do you think people will wake up? BLM is dishonest
  112. Band of roving Antifa white racists attack latino man. Latino man arrested
  113. Joe Biden's new nickaname... The Wizard of Uhhhhs
  114. There is a reason why Tucker Carlson and Joe Rogan are thriving
  115. Quaker Oats announces it's ending it's Aunt Jemima Brand
  116. Why does communism get a bad rep?
  117. Trump asked Chinese president to buy agricultural products to assist reelection
  118. China and India going at it in the Himalayas. Dozens dead. 100s wounded
  119. BLM is easily more popular than President Trump
  120. A rare conversation between 50 Cent, Tony Yayo and Donald Trump from back in the day
  121. I sincerely hope John Bolton doesn't sell a single book.
  122. Wait... can we just GIVE sjw whites to blacks as slaves and call everything even???
  123. Jean Kennedy Smith dies at 92. Last Surviving JFK Sibling.
  124. As i skim through the race bait threads.Its amazing how many whites deep down hate
  125. What major US city is the liberal's wakanda?
  126. Why doesn’t Fox News have strong theme music?
  127. George Floyd could be remembered as an icon one day
  128. Fox News has Biden up by 12 points vs Trump in latest poll.
  129. The many faces of looting.
  130. You've been convinced we can't afford a better country. They're lying to you.
  131. Why do conservatives still support the trickle down theory?
  132. What's your definition of systemic racism?
  133. What is white?
  134. The Last of Us 2 getting review bombed by alt-right homophobes
  135. B-B-B-Black Lives Matter
  136. Kapernick's act being compared to Pat Tillman.
  137. Best deeptalk channels on YouTube?
  138. The dissent among us is orchestrated by Communists and their sympathizers
  139. Trump tweets video of black guy doing possible hate crime.
  140. orange man bad voters leading the way for 2020?
  141. 102 people shot in Chicago this past weekend alone
  142. Are liberals the underdogs?
  143. Shaun King: Remove Statues of JESUS!
  144. BLM founders admit that they are trained Marxists
  145. Will Covid-19’s relentless decimation of humanity lead to an extinction event??
  146. ROFL. Dem state senator stops to take selfie with protestors. They KO him in response
  147. Do You Think the BLM Movement Was Created as a Lie?
  148. Words from a fired Wilmington cop
  149. It’s weird how society can just flip the switch for no particular reason
  150. Tupac was a hardcore communist
  151. I'm looking at historical rankings of U.S. Presidents and Obama...
  152. Was Che Guevara the GOAT All-Around Human Being?
  153. Did the Republicans give up?
  154. Sweden was projected to have 100,000 COVID deaths by end of June
  155. House passes Bill declaring Washington Dc as the 51st State
  156. Florida Senior Citizens acting like children.
  157. Mississippi votes to remove Confederate emblem from state flag
  158. 15 more dead in Chicago this weekend 6/27-6/29
  159. Communist Heroes of the Past: Thomas Sankara
  160. Governor Cuomo unveils a mountain sculpture symbolizing the COVID curve
  161. Black guy with the straight up truth !
  162. The Russia bounty on US soldiers
  163. RIP The_Donald
  164. Minneapolis city council (including two trans) vote to abolish the police, hires...
  165. Alabama COVID hospitalizations on the rise - did they reopen too soon?
  166. WPo opinion editor says white women are lucky blacks have not taken revenge on them
  167. EU Opens Borders, But Not To Americans
  168. biden's running mate
  169. Candace Owens destroyed BLM supporter Marc Lamont Hill
  170. How many blacks had to die to have our George Floyd protests in June?
  171. How long is it before the White House gets painted?
  172. Donald Trump thought Vince Mcmahon died when his limo exploded in 2007 (staged)
  173. Ghislaine Maxwell suicide watch
  174. Vladimir Lenin's criticisms of capitalism apply perfectly to modern American society
  175. Mexico closes US border in Arizona to Americans
  176. Donald Trump Jr's girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle tests positive for coronavirus
  177. Kanye West Announces he is running for Office
  178. Chinese Nikkas infected us
  179. (NFAC) militia in Stone Mountain has called out all rednecks to face them
  180. The GOP has created an army of anti-science retards that even they can’t control.
  181. Guy holding a "F*ck BLM" sign catches a beatdown
  182. BLM protestors gun down 8 year old black girl who's mom drove past a barricade.
  183. There have been 9 one term presidents in our countries history...
  184. CREEPY JOE Biden - Touchy Feely
  185. Did y'all see Terry Crews on CNN? Did y'all see the moves he pulled?
  186. Refugeeing from the USA
  187. Seattle segregates white city employees and makes them confront their "whiteness"
  188. Oregon politician arrested for hoax hate crime letter to himself
  189. Obama’s shadow government
  190. If Biden refuses to debate Trump, how could you vote for him?
  191. Psychopaths will always rise to power in government and corporations.
  192. Proof that Don Lemon is a bad actor.
  193. An official list on who is ok and not ok with Joe Biden’s touching of children
  194. Is it racist for white people to kneel and apologize?
  195. Weekly COVID death totals at an all time low, since 3-14. Can we chill out a little?
  196. Ilhan Omar Ripping Off the American People!
  197. City of Seattle tells it's workers to "undo their whiteness!"
  198. What are the racial demographics for D-Day (June 6, 1944)?
  199. Trump in a debate
  200. Pedos in plain sight
  201. Joe Biden - Mentally Incompetent...Who wants to vote this guy in?
  202. Little Donny seen wearing a mask
  203. KK-Karen's at Trump rally harassing a mexican
  204. Good opinion piece on the left's cancel culture and thought crime
  205. Pizza Gate. Monica Peterson. Clinton Corruption. What the hell is going on?
  206. Wojnarowski's FU to Senator who accuses him of hypocrisy on China
  207. White ANTIFA dweeb opens a Black man's car door and instantly regrets it
  208. Trump looking like a bad mofo
  209. Should China be held responsible for the Covid virus??
  210. Why is this BLM movement saying nothing to rappers?
  211. Socialist Heroes of the Past: Salvador Allende
  212. LatinoLivesMatter
  213. Young White mother slain for saying “all lives matter”
  214. Pedo or not, Biden hit hard today.`
  215. [Megathread] No mask outrage
  216. Nick Cannon Wild n Out for good. Fired by ViacomCBS for racist comments
  217. States with travel bans/restrictions and mandatory quarantine
  218. What is your political ideology?
  219. If Florida was a country they would be 4th in covid cases
  220. They're just making up these rules as they go along
  221. Should you talk politics when you live w/ mom and work part time at bookstore?
  222. Can someone who is sympathetic to Communism explain to us the contents of this video
  223. My feelings on today's society summed up in one picture.
  224. The Haitian Revolution
  225. #RefundThePolice
  226. Criminal sucker punches 12 year old dancing on the street
  227. VP Pence
  228. Son of Federal Judge linked to Epstein case is ambushed and murdered
  229. Official 2020 US Presidential Election Thread
  230. Is Justin Trudeau the illegitimate child of the late Fidel Castro
  231. Police are the problem
  232. Free market capitalism is the only way for a healthy society
  233. Trump and his all-out campaign to destroy MS-13
  234. Socialist Heroes of the Past: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
  235. Biden wants religion in schools
  236. Official 2020 financial crisis thread
  237. Alexandria a-Casio-Calculator-tez
  238. Trumpinator 300: First Blood
  239. The Best Andrew Cuomo Speech You'll Ever Hear
  240. We just gon' pretend the president didn't wish a pedo good luck?
  241. Should we change the name to covid-99 since 99% live?
  242. Accurate? Dem / Repub split
  243. Portland Mayor Joins Violent ‘Protest’; Booed by Protesters, Tear Gassed by Feds
  244. 2020 Election Predictions
  245. 'Some Very Fine People on Both Sides'
  246. ROFL White woman gets shot by cops in Phoenix. Black man screams out, "Yes! Yes!"
  247. DeBlasio's New York
  248. Washington Post settles 250 Million Dollar Lawsuit with Nicholas Sandmann
  249. Lightfoot's Chicago
  250. Police should not be defunded.